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Heat pump Octopus is designed for economical heating and provide hot water for domestic use in individual homes, public buildings (schools, sports halls, churches) as well as warehouses and other industrial facilities.
- Pärnu mnt 130-8, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 6459038 5222192, e-mail:
Technical systems maintenance, adjustment and maintenance of water supply.
- Murumäe 29, Juuliku küla, 75501 Saku vald, tel: 5245623, e-mail:
- Tamme 4, 86609 Paikuse vald
Production of wooden buildings: houses, summer houses, bath houses, garages and so on. Structure of the wooden elements, beams, manual handling and milled timber from pine and birch.
- Tammetõru 20, 76506 Saue, tel: 53422696, e-mail:
Cleaning and territories. Duty cleaning, gardening, machine washable, wash windows.
- Ida tee 13B, 75304 Järveküla, tel: 6611600, e-mail:
Structural and architectural engineering.
- Veerenni 56-19, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6839070, e-mail:
Turvafirma, turvateenused. Valveteenused, kullerteenused.
- Ravi 2/Tatari 43, 10134 Tallinn, tel: 6191980 5172727, e-mail:
Primary activity of the company's tools, appliances, industrial equipment, wholesale, services, and offer advice on the use of the products.
- Pae 36, 11414 Tallinn, tel: 6054940, e-mail:
Sales of tractors. Wholesale and retail sale of spare parts for tractors. Repair of tractors, engines, gearboxes and other components. Maintenance of tractors.
- Uus 9, Märjamaa, 78301 , tel: 4821506 56653956, e-mail:
Car parts
Kohv, kohvimasinad, tee. Saate osta Phillips Senseo kohvimasinaid ning Senseo kohvipakikesi, mis on täidetud eri Douwe Egberts kohvisortitega, ja T4U teepakikesi.
- K. Kärberi 36-125, 13919 Tallinn, tel: 56562909, e-mail:
Sales of bicycles.
- K.A. Hermanni 14-20, 10121 Tallinn, tel: 58508178, e-mail:
K&M Project Bureau homepage. Architectural designing and geodetic works.
- Valga mnt 70, 68606 Tõrva, tel: 7632139, e-mail:
Creation and design of websites.
- Pärnu mnt 20a, 5. korrus, 10141 Tallinn, tel: 6691971 6691972, e-mail: