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Footwear pieces, semimanufactured shoes, repair!
Sture Group OÜ - Punane 17a, 13620 Tallinn, tel: 37256461517, e-mail:
Repair and maintenance of vehicles.Town of Tartu
SAM Autoremont OÜ - Näituse 27, 50409 Tartu
Repair and renovation of soft furniture, restoration of antique wood furniture and soft furniture, replacement and repair of seat fabrics of vehicles (cars, buses, etc.)
WELCOMEST OÜ - Vana-Roomassaare 26, 93816 Kuressaare, tel: 4533357 56692030, e-mail:
Passenger transport, maintenance and repair, glass work on trucks and buses, engine repair, Welding, Turning and Milling, saddlery
PRESTO OÜ - Turu 5, 48303 Jõgeva, tel: 5053191 4475175, e-mail:
Car repair and maintenance. Selling and installation of spare parts.
MERCANTILE GROUP AS - Pärnu mnt 549, Laagri, 76401 Saue vald, tel: 6791000 6791190, e-mail:
Selling, repair and maintenance of trucks and buses, truck repair, spare parts, selling of used vehicles.
SCANIA EESTI AS - Peterburi tee 72, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6651200, e-mail:
Repair, warehouses, office and residential premises, fast auto repair.
TESPERA OÜ - Kalda 9A, 11625 Tallinn, tel: 6720201 6720202 5039679, e-mail:
Repair and installation of basic hydraulic systems, hydraulic systems, hydraulic equipment. Repair of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders.
HYCO MARINE OÜ - Laevastiku 3H, 10313 Tallinn, tel: 6990255, e-mail:
Construction, repair roofs. Gutter systems, roof, tinsmith.
OLLY OÜ - Tähe 110, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7344413 7362549, e-mail:
Repair of motor vehicles, repair and recovery of rare items.
TRK VÄRVID OÜ - Pirni 5, 10617 Tallinn, tel: 6115847 5293563, e-mail:
Metalwork, welding.
KUNREX OÜ - Selja tee 17, 44105 Kunda, tel: 3260740, e-mail:
Sale, maintenance and repair of passenger and freight automobile tires, tire, car parts, accessories, repair of cars and vans. Narva
ALBION MOTORS OÜ - Kerese 40F, 21003 Narva, tel: 5093861, e-mail:
Car parts
Turbines for cars and trucks. Spare parts for trucks and trailers. Repair of trucks, trailers. Repair of engines, chassis, transmissions, gear repair, fuel injection equipment.
BANE ROCO OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe 19A, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6007764, e-mail:
Car parts
BR Turbo
he workshop is equipped with high-tech repair equipment, repair service customers are able to get the biggest nine-car train full-length housing workshop, which is equivalent to the Republic of Estonia was built in the last 10 years.
SKUBA EESTI OÜ - Betooni 4, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6066200, e-mail:
Auto service and repair of cars and vans of different brands. Vehicle maintenance. Repair manual transmission, engine, suspension, electrical. Installation of additional equipment. Adjust the alignment 3D, oil changes, tire.
ARIOL AUTO OÜ - Punane 38A, 13619 Tallinn
Ventilation and heating systems, automation, installation, maintenance and repair.
VENTHOOLDUS OÜ - E.Vilde tee 52-108, 13421 Tallinn, tel: 56506588, e-mail:
Sale, installation and repair of tires and rims
L.E.L. REHVISERVICE OÜ - Suur-Paala 3, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6014477 6616088, e-mail:
Repair, body work, car tuning, car renovation. Installation of alarms, security systems and audio-video.
ARJA SISTEM OÜ - Kotka 11, 11312 Tallinn, tel: 6553365, e-mail:
Floor coverings installation, repair.
PÕRANDAMEISTER OÜ - Tüve 52-2, 13418 Tallinn, tel: 6552762 5046031, e-mail:
Freight forwarding company. Transportation and logistics services. Cargo transportation by road, freight tent trailers. Repair trucks.
PARME TRANS OÜ - Madara 31, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 6259762 6259761, e-mail:
We offer a wide range of motor scooters and ATV-s. However, the maintenance and repair. Most of the spare parts and accessories to be found in our warehouse in Estonia.
TOP VOX AS - Mäealuse 6E, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6562563, e-mail:
Tallinn Lasnamäe Mechanical College. Specialties: locksmith, car electrician, painter, tinsmith, repair and maintenance of houses, automatics.
TALLINNA LASNAMÄE MEHAANIKAKOOL - Uuslinna 10, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6215572, e-mail:
Maintenance and repair of cars.
AUTOSUMMUTID OÜ - Laki 7, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6599740 5093808, e-mail:
Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
BALTSPED OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe 27e, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6062397, e-mail:
Truck repair; waste management, pressure cleaning, liquid waste management.
NOVAFOREST OÜ - Betooni 11d, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6012938 5115778, e-mail:
Pumps, repair and maintenance.
AKVEDUKT OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe 42A, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6075061, e-mail:
Construction and repair of roads, landings, curbs.
DOMUS TEED AS - Betooni 28B, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6212136 5031601, e-mail:
Selling, maintenance and repair of trucks, also selling of trucks' spare parts.
VEOAUTOKESKUSE AS - Tähetorni 21G, 11625 Tallinn, tel: 6726803 5045288, e-mail:
Appliance Repair, design, maintenance.
EKSAMO AS - Betooni 28C, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6500394 6500226 5109066, e-mail:
Construction, real estate development and repair.
EHITUSMAAKLER OÜ - Kunderi 8a, 10121 Tallinn, tel: 5149023 6014915, e-mail: