IZZI Otsing
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Lifting equipment, metal works, manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders.
BALTIC BISON OÜ - Kiiu, Kuusalu vald, 74604 Harjumaa, tel: 607235, 5053303, e-mail:
Baltic Bison
Our services: Adjusting doors and windows, Repair and replacement of furniture, Insulated glazing replacement, etc.
Repair of apartments and houses all over Estonia.
Quick and cheap car repair in Tallinn.
Auto Repair.
Repair, maintenance and modification of vehicles.
We deal with computer equipment sales, maintenance and repair of Rapla and its vicinity.
Building and repair services.
Maintenance, repair computers. Computer Services.
Paintball club, shop paintball equipment, organizing games and tournaments. Repair and maintenance of paintball equipment. Markers, masks, protection, clothing, feeders, Lowder
Building and repair, Inside finishing and restoration works, Road building, Landscape works.
Rental Bobcat with operator, the ability to order with attachments: excavators, drills, hammers. Transportation services, construction and repair work, the sites of landscape planning, planting.
The company is engaged in design, computer maintenance and repair services.
Maintenance and repair of watches
Selling of computers, hardware; computer repair and maintenance.
Stevedoring services in Port Paljassaare. Stevedoring operations, port services, storage of the cargo in customs warehouses, repair of cranes, lifts, etc.
About Estonian traditional music and instruments, their playing and teaching; building, selling and repair of strings instruments.
Autocentre, diagnostics, maintenance, repair of motor vehicles of various brands, sale of spare parts, accessories, lubricants and car chemicals. In selling a wide range of diagnostic equipment for petrol and diesel engines.
Car parts
Computer training, maintenance and repair of computers, webdesign, offering of services.