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Forklift sales, rental and maintenance. Welding equipment and materials sales.
- Vesse 4a, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6544951 55585020, e-mail:
The offered products have different welded panels with different heights, poles, cargates and gates. Among our products you will definetly find different fence and gate models. By signing up at our home page you can look at our prices and offers.
- Palsami 17, 50411 Tartu, tel: 5239313, e-mail:
PVC plastic windows, doors and blinds. Sale, installation.
ODAV AKEN GRUPP OÜ - Ehitajate tee 153, 13517 Tallinn, tel: 617 0171, e-mail:
- Võru 110, 50111 Tartu, tel: 53023442, e-mail:
Metal works.
- Papli 2, 80012 Pärnu, tel: 4445059 4445997, e-mail:
Glass constructions.
- Veerenni 56, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6550802 5109772, e-mail:
Architecture structures of water supply and sewerage and heating and ventilation technology, detailed plans
- Pärnu mnt 139/Kohila 8, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 6506343, e-mail:
Stairs, gardens, gates, furniture, weather vanes - manufacturing by special order according to your wishes.
NÕUNI METALL OÜ - 67515 Töökoda Nõuni küla Palupera vald, tel: 53910554, e-mail:
Nõuni Metall
- Suurevälja tee 17a, 76505 Saue, e-mail:
- Vibeliku tee 17, 74201 Loo, tel: 5092595, e-mail:
Metal works
- Lagle 2, 86602 Paikuse alevik Paikuse vald, tel: 53732374 5248364, e-mail:
Metalwork, welding.
- Selja tee 17, 44105 Kunda, tel: 3260740, e-mail:
Advertising services, the creation of various advertising and design. Neon signs, illuminated signs, advertising structures, light boxes, display cases, stands, printing, engraving, calligraphy
- Looga 8a, 71008 Viljandi, tel: 4351492, e-mail:
Tyres, wheels, assembly. Sales of tires, aluminum and metal discs. Straightening aluminum wheels, painted discs
- Vesse 9, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6158152
Galvanized metal, Paldiski Industrial Park. Galvanized steel, zinc bath, zinc-coated products.
- Lääne tee 4, 76804 Paldiski, tel: 6580340 56212554, e-mail:
Metal doors, metal lockers, locker keys, safes for guns.
- Suve 3, 71014 Viljandi
Manufacture and installation of metal, cleaning of metal structures, painting of structures, the metal frame.
- Sepa 14, 11711 Tallinn, tel: 6605421 5655233, e-mail:
Metal doors, interior doors, veneered doors.
- Vilja 8, 41531 Jõhvi, tel: 5224456, e-mail:
Manufacture of concrete products and metal products and structures of any complexity. Concrete elements frame housing construction (piles, columns, beams, wall panels, floor slabs, etc.). Energy concrete (foundations electric power pylons, cable shafts, masts lines, concrete substation)
- Kulgu 20, 20104 Narva, tel: 3591872, e-mail:
Plant PCBs. UL certified circuit boards.
- Mäealuse 3A, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6555600, e-mail:
Manufacture of lift for containers, boxes, gravel and sand. Boxes, asphalt, debris boxes, adaptable to trucks, trailers. Work on black metal. Sandblasting, painting works.
- Palamuse, 49202 Palamuse vald, tel: 7762588 5077592, e-mail:
Gates and fences.
- Ravila 57, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7301087 5102938, e-mail:
Manufacture and installation of metal, selling the metal.
- Vana-Sauga 50, 80044 Pärnu, tel: 4472305 5090080, e-mail:
Etem Pärnu OÜ
Manufacture and custom metal furniture and interior design elements - homes, commercial buildings, and furnishing stores. In addition, various metal constructions.
- Liimi 8, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6562929 6562930, e-mail:
Working with metal, Maintenance work, repair and disposal.
- Vabaduse pst 21a, 43123 Kiviõli, tel: 3325720 5032350, e-mail:
Manufacture of wooden and metal gates and fences.
- Vana-Keila mnt 13, 76506 Saue, tel: 5291779 56652396 6596255, e-mail:
Production of stairs made ​​of wood under the metal, as well as restoration of stairs and stair railing, interior design projects.
- Tammneeme pk 26, 74001 Viimsi vald, tel: 6092031 5011845, e-mail:
Working with metal, of a fitter, engine repair, oil change.
- Kotka 13, 11312 Tallinn, tel: 6553375 5020790, e-mail:
Company's management team consists of highly experienced engineers who have previous work experience in the manufacture of stainless steel equipment and structures and the design process.
- Kalmistu tee 24A, 11216 Tallinn, tel: 6141656 5174304, e-mail:
We are pleased to provide you a service in the field of laser engraving and laser cutting. Laser engraving is utilized to engrave or mark an image on a broad spectrum of souvenir products and corporate gifts crafted from metal, glass, stone, plastic, paper, leather, wood and fabric.
- Ivan Pavlovi 6, sillamäe