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BASE Metal makes buying and disposal of all types of automobile catalytic converters - converters (catalysts).
BASE METAL OÜ - Peterburi tee 56h, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6022677 56506439, e-mail:
Metal (security) doors, cupboards, storage shelves, document and tool cupboards.
FALKONET METALL OÜ - Järsi tee 1, 75201 Aruküla, tel: 6054060, e-mail:
Metal processing, laser cutting.
FINEST STEEL AS - Tule 22, 76505 Saue, tel: 6596123, e-mail:
Plumbing, electrical work, transportation, appliance, installation and repairs, construction work, cleaning and maintenance.
TIMBEKS OÜ - Vana-Keila mnt 100, 76506 Saue, tel: 5115765, e-mail:
Welding,sanitary plumbing work,other pipe work.
NOVATREK OÜ - Rannu vald, Paju küla, Marjakese talu, 61111 , tel: 53446378, e-mail:
Metal doors, interior doors, veneered doors.
ASTEKOR OÜ - Vilja 8, 41531 Jõhvi, tel: 5224456, e-mail:
Building works, roofing, facade work, interior and exterior finishing work, apartment renovation, plumbing, demolition.
NORMEX EHITUS OÜ - Anne 18c, 50604 Tartu, tel: 51961629
Manufacture and custom metal furniture and interior design elements - homes, commercial buildings, and furnishing stores. In addition, various metal constructions.
TIMMET AS - Liimi 8, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6562929 6562930, e-mail:
Manufacturing of metal staircase rails, staircases and metal interior design elements.
RINALDO INTERIOR OÜ - Laki 9A, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6555064 5093882, e-mail:
Hand-home work, work to order.
KODUKÄSITÖÖ OÜ - Pikk 22, 10133 Tallinn, tel: 6604772, e-mail:
Yamaha motorcycles, scooters, rollers, snowmobiles etc.
LARSEN KAUBANDUSE OÜ - Oja 19, 13516 Tallinn, tel: 6799972 6799977, e-mail:
Motorcycles, snowmobiles, sports, shopping, Craft.
LARSEN KAUBANDUSE OÜ - Oja 19, 13516 Tallinn, tel: 6799972 6799977, e-mail:
Construction services. Renovation of old and construction of new roofs. Metalloprofili, tile, soft roof, facade panels. Metal roofing, facades.
KORTUS TEENINDUS OÜ - Paavli 6A/2, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 6313703 5058668, e-mail:
Metal constructions.
KOHIMO AS - Punane 24, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6064805, e-mail:
Metal doors, metal lockers, locker keys, safes for guns.
VÄIKE TEEMANT OÜ - Suve 3, 71014 Viljandi
Construction work, roofing work, roof, supervision.
BUENO OÜ - Pajusi mnt 12, 48106 Põltsamaa, tel: 7762720 7762723 5079381, e-mail:
The Estonian Youth Work Centre is a national centre for the work with the youth under the authority of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.
EESTI NOORSOOTÖÖ KESKUS - Uuslinna 10, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 7350399, e-mail:
Facade materials. Facade work
ATLAS SEGUD AS - Viadukti 30, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6700089, e-mail:
Shipping agency, chartering, forwarding services, customs broker services.
PETROMAKS SPEDIITORI AS - Nõlva 9a, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6507600, e-mail:
We are very pleased to have an opportunity to present you our compliments and to set forth the main activities of our company Petromaks Spediitori AS – in the port of Tallinn.
PETROMAKS SPEDIITORI AS - Nõlva 9a, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6507600, e-mail:
Computer work, eclectic work.
AVARIIKESKUS OÜ - Laki 19, 12915 Tallinn, tel: 6588518 6555556
School Belnor languages, language courses, foreign language, English, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, French. Education, work abroad, camp, international courses and work.
BELLNOR OÜ - Tõnismägi 2 (kab 4037), 10122 Tallinn, tel: 6609606, e-mail:
Metal shelving, sale and installation of wooden furniture
GRANDE GRUPP OÜ - Kopliranna 15, 11713 Tallinn, tel: 6625961 5053505 5146475, e-mail:
The webpage of the photographer.
TIIT VEERMÄE FOTOSTUUDIO OÜ - Türnpu 9-10, 10121 Tallinn, tel: 5087000, e-mail:
Construction works, facade work, high-altitude work, industrial climbing.
RAMAN OÜ - Randvere tee 17-59, Haabneeme alevik, 74001 Viimsi vald, tel: 5138757, e-mail:
Manufacture of work clothings.
KULDAR HELEND TÖÖRIIDED - Pihlakobara, Aranküla küla, 79640 , tel: 56485049, e-mail:
Pärnu Scoop Telescopic Boom Lift Work Work
KURROTAJA OÜ - Aesoo küla, Männiku talu, 86803 Tori vald, tel: 53490394, e-mail:
Civil works, Plumbing, Electrical work, Air Work.
ANTIVAMM EHITUS OÜ - Kadaka tee 70a, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6352782 5136757, e-mail:
Muusikapood internetis
MUSIC ONLINE OÜ - Kraavi 3, 11212 Tallinn, e-mail:
Metal constructions and metal works.
KONSTRUKTSIOONID OÜ - Narva mnt 86, 10127 Tallinn, tel: 6661642, e-mail: