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Electrical wiring, installation and maintenance of home security systems and security cameras.
Artifint OÜ - Majaka 17-30, 11412 Tallinn
Various plumbing work.
Mati Torutööd OÜ - J.Sütiste tee 22-21, 13411 Tallinn, tel: 56624924, e-mail:
Mati Torutööd
Construction work.
KURMIK AS - Räpina mnt 7, 65606 Võru, tel: 7823084 7821511, e-mail:
Folk festival Käsmu
Viru Folk MTÜ - Pärnu mnt 444, 10919 Tallinn
International transportation and refrigeration tent trailers, Car painting and hull work tvegdogo sale of fuel, car wash
RMW AS - Kastani 5, 79514 Rapla, tel: 4894300, e-mail:
Estonian Metalworkers' Federation.
Stainless steel and metal works by order.
KITZINGER-PROGRESS AS - Linnu 2, 48106 Põltsamaa, tel: 7768540 7768530, e-mail:
The company has grown over the years, initially principally engaged in timber trade, and later added to the logging services, production of sawn timber and silvicultural work.
RETA PUIT OÜ - Ringtee 12, 93815 Kuressaare, tel: 4538760 5039321, e-mail:
Reta Puit OÜ
Psychological and psychiatric consultations, psychotherapies, psychodiagnostics, crisis work, juridical consultations, lectures.
Tartu Nõustamis- ja Kriisiabikeskus - Vaksali 14, 50409 Tartu, tel: 7427555, e-mail:
Andmetöötlus, digitaliseerimine, 3D töötlus, 2D töötlus, Micristation, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, Autodesk, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ACAD Revit, ABB Docwin, andmetöötlus, elektri- ja mehaanika projekteerimine, digitaalkaartide valmistamine, kommunikatsioonivõrkude digitaliseerimine.
REJLERS OÜ - Valga põik 3, 67403 Otepää, tel: 7669380, e-mail:
Steel structures and metal works.
REALMETALL OU - Mahtra 32, 13811 Tallinn, tel: 56250372, e-mail:
OÜ Warjel is a company that offers landscaping services in Ida-Virumaa (Estonia). Though the company is fairly new, our workers have long term experience and specialized education in landscaping. As a small company, we are able to work with each client individually and create personalized landscaping solutions. From us, you can order garden sketches and projects, waterhole constructions, constructions of small structures, and much more, even indoor landscaping!
Warjel OÜ - Varja, 43309 Lüganuse vald, tel: 3374366, 56863566, e-mail:
Kindergarten Alyonushka "Kohtla-Jarve. The institution for teaching and educational work
Alvabore OÜ - F.R.Kreutzwaldi 19, kohtla-järve
We are pleased to provide you a service in the field of laser engraving and laser cutting. Laser engraving is utilized to engrave or mark an image on a broad spectrum of souvenir products and corporate gifts crafted from metal, glass, stone, plastic, paper, leather, wood and fabric. OÜ - Ivan Pavlovi 6, sillamäe
FREE removal of paper, scrap metal, house and office appliances. Landscaping, snow removal.
GLAUDIUS INDUSTRIAL OÜ - Kopli 35, , tel: 55585853, e-mail:
Sales of black metal.
Hartomet OÜ - Vana-Narva mnt 28, 74114 , tel: 5526038, e-mail:
Metal construction.
TIAL OÜ - Ropka tee 26, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7300350, e-mail:
Photographic work, processing of films and printing of photographs, restoring old photos, photo books, photo printing, photo studio, documents, instant pictures.
PILDITEENUSED OÜ - Vee 4, 80011 Pärnu
Tartu, electrical work.
FIRSTEL GROUP OÜ - Teguri 30, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7679999; 5051510, e-mail:
We are a low-current systems design and related monitoring and assessment work company.
TELEPROJEKT OÜ - Vanemuise 65, 50410 Tartu, tel: 7420463, e-mail:
Manufacturing of advertising on demand, work with graphics.
HOOBEKS OÜ - Filosoofi 13, 50108 Tartu, tel: 7337695 55657657, e-mail:
EM Tõlge translation company offers the following translation services: - Written translation (all Baltic, Nordic and European languages) - Interpreting in Estonia - Language editing and proofreading - Formatting and layout work (e.g. conversion from PDF to MS Word format, InDesign, etc.)
EM TÕLGE OÜ - Kaunase pst 27-15, 50706 Tartu, tel: 5520023 53406331, e-mail:
All types of construction and repair work.
ARHITEKTIBÜROO HELMI SAKKOV OÜ - Kloostri 2, 51007 Tartu, tel: 7441836 5065548, e-mail:
We would like to offer you high quality, and electrical work for a fair price.
RISAKU OÜ - Tähe 116, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7362557 5271235, e-mail:
Electrical work.
HANDLER OÜ - Teaduse põik 4, 76609 Keila, tel: 5044014, e-mail:
Production of many different metal works.
ARTIUM ITC OÜ - Klaasi 4, 50409 Tartu, tel: 7409400 5065596, e-mail:
Insulation, ventilation works, facade work.
ALGO-EHITUS OÜ - Pikk 14, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7407095, e-mail:
Ship repair, metal works, welding works.
PÄRNU LAEVATEHAS AS - Emajõe 22, 80010 Pärnu, tel: 5042508, 4438378, e-mail:
Pärnu Laevatehas
Surface measurements, removing the old roof, Substrate Engineering, covering the basic material and installation, roof work
ENTORY OÜ - Aardla 23 E, 50110 Tartu, tel: 7362356 53472946, e-mail:
Metal structures
MAMMASTE METALL OÜ - Mammaste, 63211 Põlva vald, tel: 7994068, e-mail: