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Manufacture of wood processing and agriculture machines. Manufacture of metal and plastic products.
- Parksepa, 65501 Võru vald, tel: 7868640, e-mail:
Subcontracting metal works. CNC-machining.
- Lembitu 8, 50406 Tartu, tel: 5651040, e-mail:
Shipping agency, chartering, forwarding services, customs broker services.
- Nõlva 9a, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6507600, e-mail:
BASE Metal makes buying and disposal of all types of automobile catalytic converters - converters (catalysts).
- Peterburi tee 56h, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6022677 56506439, e-mail:
We are very pleased to have an opportunity to present you our compliments and to set forth the main activities of our company Petromaks Spediitori AS – in the port of Tallinn.
- Nõlva 9a, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6507600, e-mail:
Metal work, work with plastic.
- Kirsi 1, 44306 Rakvere, e-mail:
Production of metal, metal complex special purpose.
- Pirni 12, 10617 Tallinn, tel: 6566651 6115871, e-mail:
Metal processing, laser cutting.
- Tule 22, 76505 Saue, tel: 6596123, e-mail:
Metal shelving, sale and installation of wooden furniture
- Kopliranna 15, 11713 Tallinn, tel: 6625961 5053505 5146475, e-mail:
Estonian shareholder and supplier of precious, base and ferrous metals and waste.
- Tornimäe 7-83, 10145 Tallinn, tel: 6002274, e-mail:
Construction services. Renovation of old and construction of new roofs. Metalloprofili, tile, soft roof, facade panels. Metal roofing, facades.
- Paavli 6A/2, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 6313703 5058668, e-mail:
Fans for drying lumber. Production machines. Metal detectors, metal detectors
- Hoidal tee 15, Vaida alevik, 75302 , tel: 6211911, e-mail:
Muusikapood internetis
- Kraavi 3, 11212 Tallinn, e-mail:
Metal doors, interior doors, veneered doors.
- Vilja 8, 41531 Jõhvi, tel: 5224456, e-mail:
Metal products, metal constructions. Metal gratings, perforated sheets, metal perfolisty, steel strip, welded wire mesh, metal fencing, fences, gates, copper products.
- Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6177151, e-mail:
Outdoor advertising Maps and Tables Labels Metal work.
- Jaama 21, 44311 Rakvere, tel: 3223481, e-mail:
Metal constructions.
KOHIMO AS - Punane 24, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6064805, e-mail:
metal structures, conveyors, machinery, MIG/MAG, TIG, aluminium welding, machining, thermal cutting, shotblasting, painting
- Mustamäe tee 5, 10616 Tallinn, tel: 6117131, e-mail:
Industrial painting and sandblasting, welding
- Mäealuse 3A, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 5014494, e-mail:
PROINFO legal framework for companies working in the field of economic and financial data collection and analysis company.
- Madara 33/1, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 6461090, e-mail:
Consultations, loan applications, financial budgets, working out strategies, market researches, activity plans.
- Lossi 21/23-27, 51003 Tartu, tel: 5079053, e-mail:
The webpage of the Law Office.
- Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, tel: 6106000, e-mail:
Online store. Working clothes, gloves, footwear, safety equipment, abrasive tools, welding equipment, tools, etc.
- Tehase 23, 50106 Tartu, tel: 7366512 55610634, e-mail:
A considerable working background in the field of industrial, commercial and marine refrigeration and also in the field of general construction.
- Alasi 5A, 11713 Tallinn, tel: 6628483, e-mail:
Karno OÜ
A non-profit association engaged in the social field, field of education and culture, which unites, based on free will, national associations of disabled people, local chambers of disabled people and other legal entities, whose area of activity includes working with disabled people.
- Toompuiestee 10, 10137 Tallinn
Information, breeding, shows, working dog competitions, training, puppies, etc.
- Nurme 35-3, 11616 Tallinn
The desire to be the best company with a personal touch in customer service, offering a working and safety shoes, as well as clothing, to ensure stable and continuous development.
- Turu 63, 50106 Tartu, e-mail:
Sales of working clothes.
- Pärnu mnt 48, 10119 Tallinn, tel: 6460010 6451878, e-mail:
AS Bambona working in Estonia on the fruit and vegetable market since 1994.
- Peterburi tee 88a, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6055666, e-mail:
The main area for Swedeco is manufacturing of carbide tipped circular saw blades, maintenance of wood working tools and marketing of the Swedex and Swedeco program of saw blades to the professional users.
- Kadaka tee 5-152, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6563088, e-mail: