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Vain & Partners is a training company that helps its training and other learning tools help to get better results in sales, marketing and service, people management and in their personal and work objectives in striving.
- Mõisa tn 4, 13522 Tallinn, tel: 6667400, e-mail:
Our goal is to ensure that everyone interested in access to good quality information and advice where appropriate. Updated knowledge, skills and help stay competitive and to succeed in work and social life.
- Tõnismägi 2, 10122 Tallinn, tel: 6440371, e-mail:
People without work, adaption centre.
Production of stairs made ​​of wood under the metal, as well as restoration of stairs and stair railing, interior design projects.
- Tammneeme pk 26, 74001 Viimsi vald, tel: 6092031 5011845, e-mail:
Designing, accounting, control of work.
- Tatari 46, 10134 Tallinn, tel: 6461299, e-mail:
Aik-Projekt OÜ
Construction work, construction elements, the designers.
Construction work.
- Välja 7, 10616 Tallinn, tel: 56285581, e-mail:
Form the backbone of the enterprise knowledge and experience in engineering and design of metal structures.
- Kungla 27B-1, 50403 Tartu, tel: 5104229, e-mail:
General contracting, general construction, concrete work
- Narva mnt 84-12c, 51008 Tartu, tel: 7390151 5069855, e-mail:
Surface measurements, removing the old roof, Substrate Engineering, covering the basic material and installation, roof work
- Aardla 23 E, 50110 Tartu, tel: 7362356 53472946, e-mail:
Nicholas Consultants Ltd. The main idea of ​​the exercise and the aim is to help businesses and institutions to achieve their own targets, which are related to the negotiations, agreements, sales work, servicing each other, control activities, public performances, teaching and coaching.
- Kuhlbarsi 6-9, 10128 Tallinn, tel: 6009244, e-mail:
Electrical work, engineering and assembly.
- Männiku tee 102, 11216 Tallinn, tel: 6503023 5012509, e-mail:
Tartu, electrical work.
- Teguri 30, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7679999; 5051510, e-mail:
Juniper Electric Ltd. was founded in 2005. Main activities are electrical installations - a strong flow of internal work. We are engaged in electricity projects in terms of expertise, design and contracting guarded.
- Kadaka tee 133-2, 12915 Tallinn, tel: 5025188, e-mail:
We would like to offer you high quality and electrical work at a fair price. Tallinn
- 74001 Idapõllu tee 7-21 Viimsi vald, tel: 56461556, e-mail:
The main activity Viru Bildex OÜ, is electrical work.
- Tiigi 9-30, 41701 Voka alevik Toila vald, tel: 56694175
Work on the stone, stone products
- Arandi küla, 93501 Kärla vald, tel: 4572689 5089693, e-mail:
Metalwork, metal industry
- 0-korrus, 10131 Tallinn, tel: 5036598, e-mail:
The company is engaged in manufacture of ceramic tiles since 1990. For many years, the pursuit of one is certainly one good measure of the quality of work. The main operating area of southern Estonia. Since it is not a large company, the product prices are flexible.
- Sõbra 22, 50107 Tartu, tel: 5088356
To solve complex technical tasks and implemented according to the work of medical institutions, laboratories, schools, research institutions, industry and other areas.
- Voika 14c, Nõo, 61601 , tel: 7301400, e-mail:
Plumbing work Tallinn
- Metsavahi 15, 11911 Tallinn, tel: 58438858, e-mail:
Seviko construction work
- Riia mnt 106, 80010 Pärnu, tel: 4439823 5051110, e-mail:
Facade work.
- Riia 10-77, 51010 Tartu, tel: 58152400, e-mail:
Repair and construction work
- Päkste küla, 62119 Haaslava vald, tel: 5027348, e-mail:
Working with metal, of a fitter, engine repair, oil change.
- Kotka 13, 11312 Tallinn, tel: 6553375 5020790, e-mail:
NORDFIN GRUPP OÜ principal activity is the installation of street and curb, landscaping and construction work. We possess experience in the construction of various subscribers.
Construction of roads and squares, garden work, track.
Nondestructive testing of metal and welded joints, radiography, Supersonic soundings testing.
- Kopli 103, 11712 Tallinn, tel: 6102980, e-mail:
Metal products.
- Kivila 34-185, 13918 Tallinn, tel: 5149764, e-mail:
Manufacture of metal products.
- Tarja 3, Matapera küla, 71065 Pärsti vald, Viljandi, e-mail: