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Sale of spare parts, mechanical work, oil change.
HOOLDREM AUTOTEENINDUS OÜ - Veerenni 54, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6556346 5024236, e-mail:
Welding, sand blasting, fire protection coating, metallization (Zn,Al), painting, metal constructions.
SKIPTRON NETWORK SECURITY OÜ - Punane 6-311, 13620 Tallinn
Main activity of Semet OÜ is making metal products
SEMET OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe 33, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6034401, e-mail:
News, events, community, work with clients.
SUMMIT OÜ - Lõõtsa 6, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6177161, e-mail:
Repair work.
AMISOR OÜ - Sõle 27A/4, 10614 Tallinn, tel: 5101741, e-mail:
Real-E State was established in 2006. Early on we performed construction works mainly using our own resources. Due to the increase of the volume of work we were constantly increasing the number of subcontractors and started to play the role of the construction project manager. Providing necessary funding for construction is another major new area for us.
REAL-E STATE OÜ - Kassi 15, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6410770, e-mail:
Real-E State
Gascutting of old metal.
V&G GASCUTTING GRUPP OÜ - Tuule 2-7, 76806 Paldiski
We specialize in the manufacture of varnished and lithographed tin-plates, stamped cans, printed lids etc.
PRINTTARE AS - Reinu tee 9, Pringi, 74011 Viimsi vald, tel: 6090149, e-mail:
Facade work, wood facade, stucco facade, stone facade facade insulation, facade renovation.
OMA FASSAAD OÜ - Paavli 5a, 10421 Tallinn, tel: 6070063, e-mail:
Building, facade and roofing work.
SAMPOEHITUSE OÜ - Suur-Paala 5, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 5292007 5186852, e-mail:
Sales of warehouse equipment and technology. Storage shelves, storage equipment, metal furniture, storage cabinets and archival boxes, stackers, scissor lifts, loading ramps, boxes and cabinets for working tools, carts, auxiliary tables.
LAOEKSPERT OÜ - Mustamäe tee 18a, 10617 Tallinn, tel: 6722382, e-mail:
Is a largest supplier of crockery to Estonia and Latvia. Enameled kitchen, shopping, galvanized, metal dishes. Glass, crystal, porcelain and pottery from red clay.
IKVIS JIS OÜ - Peterburi tee 53, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6050940, e-mail:
The company was founded in 2007. Our main activities are: construction and repair works, road constructions, asphalt work, installation of paving stones, planting and yard landscaping.
VIALINE GROUP OÜ - Õismäe tee 57A, 13515 Tallinn, tel: 60696658 55577024, e-mail:
Construction and finishing work.
GUSTAF TALLINN OÜ - Sõpruse pst. 145, 13417 Tallinn, tel: 6563523 5015705, e-mail:
Digging, snow removal, road work.
HARJU KAEVETÖÖD OÜ - Ohtu küla, Sepasauna talu, 76621 Keila vald
We are a growing construction company, will carry out work for both private individuals, as well as larger companies.
TITAANEHITUS OÜ - Endla 70-1, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 5076712, e-mail:
Sales of building materials. General construction and façade work. Renovation and insulation of roofs.
SV IZOLBET OÜ - Sõle 67, 10312 Tallinn, tel: 6610653 56453555, e-mail:
Ltd. is a private LANDSALES põhenev ettevote.Pakume quality construction services for both private homes as well as constructing korteriühistule.Vajadusel all work, apply for a design condition, coordinate
LANDSALES OÜ - Mahtra 54-13, 13812 Tallinn, tel: 55691576, e-mail:
Passenger transport, maintenance and repair, glass work on trucks and buses, engine repair, Welding, Turning and Milling, saddlery
PRESTO OÜ - Turu 5, 48303 Jõgeva, tel: 5053191 4475175, e-mail:
OÜ Uus Uks manufactures and installs a high quality metal doors, which is particularly safe, but also very nice and long durable.
Uus Uks OÜ - Rohuneeme tee 32-4, 74001 Tallinn, tel: 56 200 110, e-mail:
Uus Uks
Electrical wiring, installation and maintenance of home security systems and security cameras.
Artifint OÜ - Majaka 17-30, 11412 Tallinn
Various plumbing work.
Mati Torutööd OÜ - J.Sütiste tee 22-21, 13411 Tallinn, tel: 56624924, e-mail:
Mati Torutööd
Construction work.
KURMIK AS - Räpina mnt 7, 65606 Võru, tel: 7823084 7821511, e-mail:
Folk festival Käsmu
Viru Folk MTÜ - Pärnu mnt 444, 10919 Tallinn
International transportation and refrigeration tent trailers, Car painting and hull work tvegdogo sale of fuel, car wash
RMW AS - Kastani 5, 79514 Rapla, tel: 4894300, e-mail:
Estonian Metalworkers' Federation.
Stainless steel and metal works by order.
KITZINGER-PROGRESS AS - Linnu 2, 48106 Põltsamaa, tel: 7768540 7768530, e-mail:
The company has grown over the years, initially principally engaged in timber trade, and later added to the logging services, production of sawn timber and silvicultural work.
RETA PUIT OÜ - Ringtee 12, 93815 Kuressaare, tel: 4538760 5039321, e-mail:
Reta Puit OÜ
Psychological and psychiatric consultations, psychotherapies, psychodiagnostics, crisis work, juridical consultations, lectures.
Tartu Nõustamis- ja Kriisiabikeskus - Vaksali 14, 50409 Tartu, tel: 7427555, e-mail:
Andmetöötlus, digitaliseerimine, 3D töötlus, 2D töötlus, Micristation, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, Autodesk, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ACAD Revit, ABB Docwin, andmetöötlus, elektri- ja mehaanika projekteerimine, digitaalkaartide valmistamine, kommunikatsioonivõrkude digitaliseerimine.
REJLERS OÜ - Valga põik 3, 67403 Otepää, tel: 7669380, e-mail: