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KXM OÜ - a company specialized in the construction of engineering structures made of metal
KXM OÜ - Vana-Narva mnt 10C, 74114 Maardu, tel: 620 6710, e-mail:
Manufacture of metal structures for engineering and construction.
FEMW OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe 8a, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6211218 55567400, e-mail:
Production and installation of metal doors, metal structures, forged railings, fireplaces, window gratings and door bars, powder coating of metal structures
BRAVE COMPANY OÜ - Maleva põik 3, 11711 Tallinn, tel: 6567107 5093404, e-mail:
Form the backbone of the enterprise knowledge and experience in engineering and design of metal structures.
NÕMM INSENERID OÜ - Kungla 27B-1, 50403 Tartu, tel: 5104229, e-mail:
Manufacturing metal products, metal constructions. Fences, gates, hinged, sliding (plant automation), the elements of metal structures
MPROFIL OÜ - Pikk 94-48, 50606 Tartu
Redimek Ltd mainly engaged in the fireplace doors and other light manufacturing of small metal structures for each customer's particular needs.
REDIMEK OÜ - Lepiku tee 17, 11913 Tallinn, tel: 6006915 55524905, e-mail:
Automation installation, manufacturing of metal structures.
BERNAL EESTI OÜ - Silikaltsiidi 8, 11216 Tallinn, tel: 5211792, e-mail:
Bernal Eesti
Mechanical engineering, manufacturing of various metal structures.
AUTO METALL EST AS - Valdeku 109d, 11216 Tallinn, tel: 6585813, e-mail:
Mobile ship repair services.
DEIMEKS OÜ - Puuvilla 19, 10314 Tallinn, tel: 6688710, e-mail:
Production of metal structures and installation on site (barriers, stairs, fencing and walls, gates, projecting roofs, porch and balcony constructions etc.), Engineering and design, Sale and installation of fencing supplies, General construction and workforce hire.
TVT Constructions OÜ - Järvekalda tee 33, 76912 Harku vald, tel: 519 122 44, e-mail:
TVT Constructions OÜ
Metal structures.
NORDLIFE OÜ - Tuki 5-2, 13516 Tallinn, tel: 5115164 56567902, e-mail:
Manufacture of concrete products and metal products and structures of any complexity. Concrete elements frame housing construction (piles, columns, beams, wall panels, floor slabs, etc.). Energy concrete (foundations electric power pylons, cable shafts, masts lines, concrete substation)
NARVA-BARK AS - Kulgu 20, 20104 Narva, tel: 3591872, e-mail:
The company's main products are stainless steel, metal structures.
STRÖMBERG OÜ - Tahkuranna, 86501 Tahkuranna vald, tel: 5113288, e-mail:
Manufacture of wood processing and agriculture machines. Manufacture of metal and plastic products.
LAPI MT AS - Parksepa, 65501 Võru vald, tel: 7868640, e-mail:
About Estonian metal music, bands, releases, reviews, interviews, news.
Subcontracting metal works. CNC-machining.
AFTERONE OÜ - Lembitu 8, 50406 Tartu, tel: 5651040, e-mail:
Muusikapood internetis
MUSIC ONLINE OÜ - Kraavi 3, 11212 Tallinn, e-mail:
Metal work, work with plastic.
FRANKOS OÜ - Kirsi 1, 44306 Rakvere, e-mail:
BASE Metal makes buying and disposal of all types of automobile catalytic converters - converters (catalysts).
BASE METAL OÜ - Peterburi tee 56h, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6022677 56506439, e-mail:
Metal processing, laser cutting.
FINEST STEEL AS - Tule 22, 76505 Saue, tel: 6596123, e-mail:
Metal doors, interior doors, veneered doors.
ASTEKOR OÜ - Vilja 8, 41531 Jõhvi, tel: 5224456, e-mail:
Construction services. Renovation of old and construction of new roofs. Metalloprofili, tile, soft roof, facade panels. Metal roofing, facades.
KORTUS TEENINDUS OÜ - Paavli 6A/2, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 6313703 5058668, e-mail:
Production of metal, metal complex special purpose.
FERREKS TT AS - Pirni 12, 10617 Tallinn, tel: 6566651 6115871, e-mail:
Metal constructions.
KOHIMO AS - Punane 24, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6064805, e-mail:
Outdoor advertising Maps and Tables Labels Metal work.
ISOCOM OÜ - Jaama 21, 44311 Rakvere, tel: 3223481, e-mail:
Shipping agency, chartering, forwarding services, customs broker services.
PETROMAKS SPEDIITORI AS - Nõlva 9a, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6507600, e-mail:
We are very pleased to have an opportunity to present you our compliments and to set forth the main activities of our company Petromaks Spediitori AS – in the port of Tallinn.
PETROMAKS SPEDIITORI AS - Nõlva 9a, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6507600, e-mail:
Metal products, metal constructions. Metal gratings, perforated sheets, metal perfolisty, steel strip, welded wire mesh, metal fencing, fences, gates, copper products.
METAL-DISAIN OÜ - Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6177151, e-mail:
Metal shelving, sale and installation of wooden furniture
GRANDE GRUPP OÜ - Kopliranna 15, 11713 Tallinn, tel: 6625961 5053505 5146475, e-mail:
Estonian shareholder and supplier of precious, base and ferrous metals and waste.
DEMOKAPITAL OÜ - Tornimäe 7-83, 10145 Tallinn, tel: 6002274, e-mail: