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- Pärna allee 5, Audru, 88301 , tel: 4473030 4473032, e-mail:
TERG E&M specialises in the warehouse and industrial premises design and construction, аnd in the solutions in manufacture of the non-standard metal work and lines. We have been acting effectively in the local market from the year of 1994; the enterprise was founded on the basis of the Estonian capital, all team members are citizens of the Estonian Republic.
- Aiandi tee 21, 74001 Viimsi, tel: 6008974, e-mail:
Terg E & M OÜ
- Punane 14a, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6546730 5083435, e-mail:
The limited company M.V.Wool was founded in 1988 and is one of the fish production and sales businesses with the longest traditions in Estonia.
- Vihterpalu, 76003 Padise vald, tel: 6224435 56224669, e-mail:
System EcoPrint RDM, CISS and refillable ink cartridges. Wholesale supplies of inkjet technology, toner cartridges and paper Privision, ink. Integrated solutions in the field of thermal transfer and sublimation technology. Print photos, foto suvenir, photo frames.
- Pae 25, 11414 Tallinn
Internetiturundus, internetimarketing, kodulehe optimeerimine, kodulehe tegemine ning kõik kodulehtede turustamisest.
- Kivila 18-168, 13918 Tallinn, tel: 53305253, e-mail:
Real estate company.
- Narva mnt 1-329, 10111 Tallinn, tel: 6608108, e-mail:
High- and low level aerial photography.
- Saha 23-8, 10917 Tallinn
Tractor factory, small tractors, tractors, farm equipment, metal works, plasma cutting.
- Prillimäe alevik, 79702 Kohila vald, tel: 6049125, e-mail:
Camping. Pärnumaa.
- Nurme küla, 80044 Sauga vald, tel: 4430034 5022455, e-mail: