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Production and development of highly non-woven polymer filter material from the micro-and nano-fibers and products including: respirators "Petal", analytical belts and filters, separation of materials and other products.
ESFIL TEHNO AS - Tööstuse 6, 40231 Sillamäe, tel: 39 29 501, 39 29 658, e-mail:
Shop furnishings and equipment
KORVIPOOD OÜ - Raudtee 52a, 11615 Tallinn, tel: 6770883, e-mail:
Authorised Canon distributor and service center in Estonia.
OVERALL EESTI AS - Lootsi 11, 10151 Tallinn, tel: 6300500, e-mail:
Dataprojektor products company ASUS. Computer parts, cases, system components, motherboards, video cards
SIGN AS - Katusepapi 35, 11412 Tallinn, tel: 6056000 6056002, e-mail:
Primary activity of the company's tools, appliances, industrial equipment, wholesale, services, and offer advice on the use of the products.
M.K.T. AS - Pae 36, 11414 Tallinn, tel: 6054940, e-mail:
Business Directory Help Company ENIRO Estonia. Internet directory search by type of firm information on products, services, companies in Estonia. Addresses, telephone numbers and contacts. Eniro Eesti AS.
INFOPLUSS EESTI AS - Madara 29, 19092 Tallinn, tel: 6665000, e-mail:
Shopping Centre Yaarve, shopping area, shopping, products
JÄRVE KESKUS AS - Pärnu mnt 238, 11624 Tallinn, tel: 6140353, e-mail:
Pet products, dog supplies, leashes, collars, Harnesses, muzzles, grooming equipment, products made ​​of genuine leather for dogs and cats.
NIC LOOMATARBED OÜ - E.Vilde tee 150C, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 5065129 6611552, e-mail:
Estonia's largest telecommunications and IT-company. Internet access services.
ELION ETTEVÕTTED AS - Endla 16, 15033 Tallinn, tel: 6397213, e-mail:
Siemens official distributor. Telephone exchanges, ISDN systems, telephones.
TIMMERMANN AS - Tedre 62, 10619 Tallinn, tel: 6998900, e-mail:
Microsoft distributor company, training courses and consultancy about information technology.
GT TARKVARA OÜ - Pärnu mnt 141, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6691120, e-mail:
Rental canoes and boats
BALLE EG OÜ - Virbi 2-85, 13629 Tallinn, tel: 6016607 5028931, e-mail:
Sale of electricty products.
EXPERT ESTONIA AS - Pärnu mnt 186, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6508780, e-mail:
Abbyy FineReader and Zoner Media Explorer software development, selling and support.
NEKSTOM OÜ - Kalda 9a, 11625 Tallinn, tel: 6505109, e-mail:
Wood cutting instruments. Sales and Service. Leitz product sales
KORD TULUNDUSÜHISTU - Nõmme tee 3A/Kotka 4A, 11315 Tallinn, tel: 6462283 56699690, e-mail:
manufacture of stainless steel products for the small surface vessels (yacht) - rails, tanks and other equipment equipment made ​​of aluminum for kayaks and canoes (rudders, etc.)
SAGASAIL OÜ - Sarra 4, 13522 Tallinn, tel: 6215495
Mapping, Photogrammetry, Surveying, GIS, Remote Sensing, GIS Software.
EESTI KAARDIKESKUS AS - Mustamäe tee 33, 10616 Tallinn, tel: 6528406, e-mail:
Importer of Le Coq Sportif products. Wholesale of sporstwear, sports footwear and sports equipment.
MTT BALTIC OÜ - Peterburi tee 38, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6215319, e-mail:
Different IT services.
SEIRE OÜ - Fortuuna 1, 50603 Tartu, tel: 5139959 7407337, e-mail:
Stera Saue AS is Estonian sheet-metal works company located in the town of Saue, 15 kilometres from Tallinn. We operate as subcontractor for other manufacturing companies in electric, electronics, workshop, ventilation and heating equipment but also other industries.
STERA SAUE AS - Tule 22, 76505 Saue, tel: 659 5145, e-mail:
Stera Saue
Advising on the development of enterprises and products, quality, management, marketing strategy.
AMYNA EESTI OÜ - Kopli 82-24, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 6556246 5583650, e-mail:
Design and manufacture of power converter technology, development and manufacturing of power semiconductor devices.
TALLINNA ELEKTROTEHNIKA TEHAS ESTEL AS - Kuuli 6, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6228300, e-mail:
Manufactures products made of polyurethanes and other elastomers, introducing technology, delivers basic and related materials, equipment, conducting scientific research.
JMS TECHNICAL GROUP OÜ - Valge 13, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6585558, e-mail:
Designing and creating of dolomite, limestone products like: fireplaces, pillars, pedestals, postaments, balustrades, flower dishes, urns, souvenirs, etc.
DOLOMIIDIMEISTRITE AS - Jaani, Ummaru küla, 78403 Raikküla vald, tel: 4894664 5042200, e-mail:
Various Aloe Vera Products - cosmetics, skincare, aloe drinks, nutrition.
CARITOS TRADE OÜ - Kooli põik 4, Haljala alevik, 45301 Haljala vald, tel: 5259977, e-mail:
EHITUSMEISTER RENT OÜ - Turu 67A, 50106 Tartu, tel: 7362100, e-mail:
General information about the construction company Estfence Ltd.
ESTFENCE OÜ - Kütise 3-10, 76505 Saue, tel: 5030513, e-mail:
Courier services, freight, delivery of letters, colors and parcels. Delivery of food and products.
TURBODELIVER OÜ - Pärnu mnt 158D-205, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 58188181 6519191, e-mail:
Beauty salon.
Tonstrina OÜ - Bensiini 5, 10152 , tel: 6 211 882, 6 607 589, e-mail:
manufacture and sale of eco-friendly products.
MURUMURU UÜ - Värsi 7-5, 10919 Tallinn, tel: 55646065