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Glowing Items.
Liimpuitpalkmajad, ehituslik liimpuit, liimpuitkonstruktsioonid.
- Kopli 25, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 5039279, e-mail:
Internet shop of jewelry.
- Riia 2, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7441019 5028248, e-mail:
Salman Šois
Beauty salon.
- Bensiini 5, 10152 , tel: 6 211 882, 6 607 589, e-mail:
Designing and creating of dolomite, limestone products like: fireplaces, pillars, pedestals, postaments, balustrades, flower dishes, urns, souvenirs, etc.
- Jaani, Ummaru küla, 78403 Raikküla vald, tel: 4894664 5042200, e-mail:
Shopping Centre Yaarve, shopping area, shopping, products
- Pärnu mnt 238, 11624 Tallinn, tel: 6140353, e-mail:
Manufacture of concrete products and metal products and structures of any complexity. Concrete elements frame housing construction (piles, columns, beams, wall panels, floor slabs, etc.). Energy concrete (foundations electric power pylons, cable shafts, masts lines, concrete substation)
- Kulgu 20, 20104 Narva, tel: 3591872, e-mail:
The most part of our activity is design, manufacture and service rail- and truck weight bridges up to 150 tons. Also we have experience to produce combination of rail- and truck weight bridges in one unit. For this ones service mean yearly verification, replacing load cells, adjustment electronic units and perform customer’s desire.
- Suur-Männiku tn 8, 11216 Tallinn, tel: 6 217 023, 6 217 023, 555 14567, e-mail:
Production and development of highly non-woven polymer filter material from the micro-and nano-fibers and products including: respirators "Petal", analytical belts and filters, separation of materials and other products.
- Tööstuse 6, 40231 Sillamäe, tel: 39 29 501, 39 29 658, e-mail:
Manufactures products made of polyurethanes and other elastomers, introducing technology, delivers basic and related materials, equipment, conducting scientific research.
- Valge 13, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6585558, e-mail:
Courier services, freight, delivery of letters, colors and parcels. Delivery of food and products.
- Pärnu mnt 158D-205, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 58188181 6519191, e-mail:
Transport packaging, plastic pallets, plastic containers, container, wooden pallets, EUR-pallets. Sale, repair of pallets. Billboards.
- Järve 3-7, 30331 Kohtla vald, tel: 5359 9993, e-mail:
Advising on the development of enterprises and products, quality, management, marketing strategy.
- Kopli 82-24, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 6556246 5583650, e-mail:
- Turu 67A, 50106 Tartu, tel: 7362100, e-mail:
Business Directory Help Company ENIRO Estonia. Internet directory search by type of firm information on products, services, companies in Estonia. Addresses, telephone numbers and contacts. Eniro Eesti AS.
- Madara 29, 19092 Tallinn, tel: 6665000, e-mail:
Dataprojektor products company ASUS. Computer parts, cases, system components, motherboards, video cards
- Katusepapi 35, 11412 Tallinn, tel: 6056000 6056002, e-mail:
Beauty Salon in Tartu, salon eyelash. Trained learning eyelash extension, sale of materials for eyelash extensions, nails, disposable earrings. Quality products and skilled specialists in the field of beauty.
- Riia 4, 51004 Tartu, tel: 51971197, e-mail:
Wood cutting instruments. Sales and Service. Leitz product sales
- Nõmme tee 3A/Kotka 4A, 11315 Tallinn, tel: 6462283 56699690, e-mail:
Sales of scooters, ATV and motorcycles.
- Turu 45B, 50106 Tartu, tel: 7402100, e-mail:
Motoroller Eesti
Pet products, dog supplies, leashes, collars, Harnesses, muzzles, grooming equipment, products made ​​of genuine leather for dogs and cats.
- E.Vilde tee 150C, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 5065129 6611552, e-mail:
Estonia's largest telecommunications and IT-company. Internet access services.
- Endla 16, 15033 Tallinn, tel: 6397213, e-mail:
Pulp is a young and up and coming agency with a diverse and full-service offering. To our way of thinking every project is unique and a fresh opportunity for us to do something new, different and memorable. We do this by working in close harmony with our clients to find the best solution to every business problem or task.
- Silveti maja, Vääna küla, 76903 Harku vald, tel: 5205112, e-mail:
Aluminum furniture, glass reinforced plastic, furniture industry, water Supply and Sewage.
STEELMAN OÜ - Sepise 10, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6101279, 5163111, e-mail:
Design and manufacture of power converter technology, development and manufacturing of power semiconductor devices.
- Kuuli 6, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6228300, e-mail:
- Filosoofi 3, 50108 Tartu, tel: 7995511, e-mail:
Wood products saunas, spas, drums, doghouse, buckets, etc.
- Maetsma, 42101 Avinurme vald, tel: 5249315, e-mail:
Manufacturing of wood products, transportation and sale of firewood.
- Männamaa küla, 92102 Käina vald, tel: 4622865, e-mail:
Kiilto development and production of adhesives for various industries and construction. As well as manufacture of other materials.
- Läike tee 4, 75312 Peetri, tel: 6031900 6031903, e-mail:
Lasbet AS is a privately held company based, which is formed on the Tallinn-based concrete products factory.
- Punane 18, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6052700, e-mail:
Electrical works, installations.
- Olevi 1a, 30323 Kohtla-Järve, tel: 50 72 669, e-mail:
Jumax AS