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Commercial vehicles and spare parts.
- Veerenni 58, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6404080, e-mail:
Equipment, agricultural machinery, spare parts for cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and scooters.
- Ülensi, 69701 Tarvastu vald, tel: 4333364 5237465 4351572, e-mail:
Selling and installing the motor vehicle spare parts and accessories.
- Pärnu mnt 388, 11612 Tallinn, tel: 6720393, e-mail:
Bodyworks repair, painting, locksmith's work, painting of plastic parts and repair work on the tire.
- Nooruse 9, 76901 Tabasalu alevik Harku vald, tel: 6032010 56246002, e-mail:
Retail and wholesale of spare parts, Tallinn
- Tondi 50, 11316 Tallinn, tel: 6715005, e-mail:
Company cars were the main activities of maintenance, repair and parts sales.
- Jaama 13, 72712 Paide, tel: 3853213 5047707, e-mail:
Sale of car parts all over Estonia.
Japanparts - Kadaka tee 86C/Kassi 15, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6720000, 5291097, e-mail:
Car parts
Machinery for horticulture and forestry, small engines and parts.
- Pärnu mnt 368/Puu 5, 11612 Tallinn, tel: 6726820, e-mail:
Here you will find the best price to our motto of equipment, accessories, spare parts
- Tiigi 2-8, 69102 Karksi-Nuia, tel: 5223628, e-mail:
Agricultural machinery and spare parts.
- Järve 6, 68606 Tõrva, tel: 56910228, e-mail:
Tires, wheels, car repairs, spare parts. Tallinn.
- Paldiski mnt 120, 13517 Tallinn, tel: 6578431 5015030, e-mail:
Machinery Sales, willingness to help the introduction of new technology, the original spare parts and quick delivery of the construction site on your mobile kiirteenindusel Our company is always flexible and the wishes of the client.
- Betooni 26, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6066188, e-mail:
Balmec Forest OÜ is a producer of spare parts and accessories for forestry machines. The company is located in Estonia and is based on private capital. Balmec Forest OÜ was established with the aim to develop and produce feed rollers for all of the most common types of harvester heads in the world. In 2015, we produced over 1500 feed rollers for our customers all over the world. To ensure our quality, we are only producer giving 2-years warranty on all our feed rollers without any working hour limitations. Simple!
- Tööstuse tn 12, 87501 Tootsi alev, tel: 5185647, e-mail:
Sales of auto parts and accessories.
- Katusepapi 35, 11412 Tallinn, tel: (+372) 56 282 882, e-mail:
Car parts
Everything you need for your car!
AUTOMANIA OU - Paevälja pst 9, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6005449, 58083171, 58102862, 6263698, e-mail: