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Information used cars, market prices, and sellers of spare parts.
- Noorma, 61101 Rannu vald, tel: 56453226
Adds. New & Used vehicles.Car Parts. Forum
Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair. Wholesale and retail sales of Mercedes-Benz spare parts.
MB Autovaruosad OÜ - Mustamäe tee 50, 10621 , tel: 6161251, e-mail:
MB Autovaruosad
Lamm Consult OÜ is booming in the Estonian capital, heavy equipment, automotive parts and supplies wholesale company.
- Pärnu mnt 238, 11624 Tallinn, tel: 6088320, e-mail:
Sales, training, repairs and maintenance of weights, components and spare parts for the weights, transportation.
- Kasesalu 18, 76505 Saue, tel: 6596169, e-mail:
The aim is to offer quality name brands of bicycles, parts and accessories. We offer a well-known in Estonia MERIDA bikes, CANNONDALE, AUTHOR, Panthers.
We specialize in custom-made furniture specifically, furniture parts and wood construction, and thanks to flexible manufacturing process for winning the trust of customers.
- Roosi 11a-20, 68205 Valga, tel: 5269811, e-mail:
INTRAC Eesti AS operates mainly on Estonian market and offers to our customers best available distribution and service of forest, construction and material handling machines, gardening and small equipment, attachments and spare parts in co-operation with world leading manufacturers in each field.
- Tartu mnt 167, 75312 Peetri, tel: 6035700, e-mail:
Runso Masinakaubandus OÜ is based on Estonian capital, our main occupations are new or secondhand construction and agricultural machinery. Spare parts, maintance and service.
- Tähe 135B, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7456797 56939490, e-mail:
A wide range of spare parts for tractors.
- Kreutzwaldi 59, 65610 Võru, tel: 7821275 5179657, e-mail:
- Kassi 4, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6560588 55533552, e-mail:
Car parts
Lorries, spare parts
- Võru mnt 2b, Kambja, 62034 , tel: 7425306 5032970, e-mail:
Conveying equipment and machines and their spare parts
- Peterburi tee 47, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6062599 5033775, e-mail:
- Jaama 173B, 50705 Tartu, tel: 7484008, e-mail:
Spare parts for transport.
- Loo 14, 79513 Rapla, tel: 4894352, e-mail:
Retail and wholesale of spare parts for heavy goods vehicles and trailers.
- Riia 136b, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7377840 7302050, e-mail:
Add-ins of cars, maintenance and spare parts.
- Kasesalu 12, 76505 Saue, tel: 6709633, e-mail:
Car dump and parts.
- Reola, Tõrvandi skj, 61701 , tel: 7300630 7381650, e-mail:
Sale of spare parts, mechanical work, oil change.
- Veerenni 54, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6556346 5024236, e-mail:
Company Specialization: auto spare parts retail and wholesale.
- Peterburi tee 34b, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6214317 5039522, e-mail:
The main product groups are: hand tools, workshop equipment, car accessory, tuning products, alloy wheels, oil and automotive chemicals, motor cycle helmets and equipment, batteries, cars, trucks, buses, trailers and spare parts.
- Betooni 4a, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6201464 6201466, e-mail:
- Maasika 2, Prillimäe, 79702 , tel: 4892292, e-mail:
Sales of cars and spare parts GAZ.
- Lähte 1 Lähte alevik, 60502 Tartu vald, tel: 7494231, e-mail:
Burners sale, maintenance and spare parts.
- Nurme 15A, 11616 Tallinn, tel: 5585140 5570490, e-mail:
Car supplies and parts
- Pärnu mnt 549, Laagri, 76401 Saue vald, tel: 6791000 6791190, e-mail:
Computers and computer parts.
- Luha 34, 10131 Tallinn, tel: 6407130 6407137, e-mail:
Revin Grupp OÜ is a new and rapidly developing construction company located in Estonia. Our main working fields are main contracting, general construction works, roof works (pitched roofs) and small scale road works. Our main field of expertise is industrial buildings though. To our clients we offer full scale solutions (preparation, planning, construction etc), but we are also willing to help You at different parts of the construction process (frameworks, roofs, walls etc).
- Kastani pst 10, 44307 Rakvere, tel: 55 69 36 19, e-mail:
Sales of cars, parts, Internet service, tires, transportation services and logistics.
REHVILADU OÜ - Meika 11, 13426 Tallinn, tel: 55 604 773, e-mail:
The company is engaged in wood furniture, garden furniture and manufacture of spare parts.
- Vahtra pst 61, 44306 Rakvere, tel: 5253563, e-mail:
Water supply, heating and their component parts.
- Vägeva tee 7, Peetri küla, 75301 Rae vald, tel: 6512710 5149669, e-mail: