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Authorized Center Panasonic. Warranty and maintenance. Repair of consumer electronics, spare parts.
PANASERVICE OÜ - Liimi 1, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6997000 53430003, e-mail:
Trade glued materials from solid hardwood and softwood; Manufacture of wooden parts for staircases : treads, handrails, posts, spindles, strings, etc; Manufacture of staircases and ballusters; Manufacture of wooden furniture and decor (wall and ceiling panels, arches, etc.); Manufacture and installation of internal and external doors; Manufacture and installation of wooden floors and terraces
STRAGENDO OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe põik 9, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6210935, 56258245, e-mail:
Spare parts for transport.
DAGERON OÜ - Loo 14, 79513 Rapla, tel: 4894352, e-mail:
Retail of car spare parts; car repair and maintenanace; vehicles\' technical inspection.
KAGU SELL OÜ - Lille 22, 65604 Võru, tel: 7820268, e-mail:
We specialize in custom-made furniture specifically, furniture parts and wood construction, and thanks to flexible manufacturing process for winning the trust of customers.
ZACMAN GRUPP OÜ - Roosi 11a-20, 68205 Valga, tel: 5269811, e-mail:
From the ground you will find a wider choice of motor technology (ATVs, Scooters, krossikad, etc.) as well as their spare parts. Also available in the car audio equipment and other products.
RELIBET OÜ - Weizenbergi 57, Kanepi alevik Kanepi val, 63101 , tel: 5083733, e-mail:
Selling and ordering of car spare parts, lubricants and other equipment.
SALE OÜ - Võru 29, 63308 Põlva, tel: 7998888 5294355, e-mail:
Car parts
Used cars and parts, sale.
KARU AUTO OÜ - Järve tee 7, 72717 Paide, tel: 5545854 55674888, e-mail:
Spare parts for cars, cars, accessories and spares.
MAXAUTO OÜ - Järveküla tee 73, 30322 Kohtla-Järve, tel: 55965539, e-mail:
Car parts
Company cars were the main activities of maintenance, repair and parts sales.
SIRDEN AUTO OÜ - Jaama 13, 72712 Paide, tel: 3853213 5047707, e-mail:
Car parts, Tyres & Wheels.
PUIGAR OÜ - Puiga, 65502 Võru vald, tel: 7828600 5298393, e-mail:
Car parts
Car dump and parts.
GEFI AS - Reola, Tõrvandi skj, 61701 , tel: 7300630 7381650, e-mail:
Spare parts and components of known manufacturers of construction and lifting equipment.
REMEXIM OÜ - Punane 40, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 53002356 5066469, e-mail:
Lamm Consult OÜ is booming in the Estonian capital, heavy equipment, automotive parts and supplies wholesale company.
LAMM CONSULT OÜ - Pärnu mnt 238, 11624 Tallinn, tel: 6088320, e-mail:
Company Specialization: auto spare parts retail and wholesale.
MAGINOX OÜ - Peterburi tee 34b, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6214317 5039522, e-mail:
Sale of spare parts, mechanical work, oil change.
HOOLDREM AUTOTEENINDUS OÜ - Veerenni 54, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6556346 5024236, e-mail:
Electrical equipment & parts. Electronic components.
WESTBALT OÜ - Punane 6, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6376004 6376567, e-mail:
Long-term experience and modern equipment allows us to provide park varying degrees of sophistication, and turned parts for various purposes.
SKB LEHTMETALL OÜ - Hidla tee 9, Vaida alev, 75302 Rae vald, tel: 6702270, e-mail:
Car service, painting, maintenance and repair of all cars and auto parts. Auto shop, diagnosis, adjustment of tire works of bridges, cleaning.
AUTOSÕBER OÜ - Algi 59, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6565040 5511330 55933922, e-mail:
Car repair and welding services, car spare parts.
TROOST AUTO OÜ - Tina 16-25, 10126 Tallinn, tel: 6796020 6599750, e-mail:
Car repair services, selling of car spare parts.
AUTEX AUTOTEENINDUS OÜ - Tulika 9, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 6664246 5089558, e-mail:
Mobile phone spare parts, rechargers, batteries, antennas, handfree, phone holders, buttons, covers, etc. Prices, distributors, product catalogue.
TELEMARK HULGI OÜ - Laki 26, 12915 Tallinn, tel: 6599150, e-mail:
Production and imports of parts for tuning the car.
GUP-TUNING OÜ - Kesk-Sõjamäe 24, 11415 Tallinn
Online store computer parts.
EMIREX INVEST OÜ - Piiri 4, 48304 Jõgeva, e-mail:
Assembly of electrical interconnestion systems. Manufacturing of thermoplastic parts by injection molding.
M JA P NURST AS - Nurste, 92002 Emmaste vald, tel: 4633034 56471552, e-mail:
Agricultural machinery - selling, service, spare parts, training.
A.TAMMEL AS - Turu 7, 48303 Jõgeva, tel: 7768030 7768040, e-mail:
Injection moulding and extrusion of plastic parts
DALE LD. AS - Leisu, 92002 Emmaste vald, tel: 4697535 56654934, e-mail:
Van demolition house of Roosna-Alliku. Selling of spare parts, vehicle repair, service and maintenance.
NÕLVAK & KO AS - Kooli 4 Roosna-Alliku, 73201 , tel: 3838920 5240380, e-mail:
Springs, Stampings, Components for textile machinery.
KERN-LIEBERS EESTI OÜ - Lille 20, 65604 Võru, tel: 7822564, e-mail:
A wide range of spare parts for tractors.
VK TRAKTORIKAUBAD OÜ - Kreutzwaldi 59, 65610 Võru, tel: 7821275 5179657, e-mail: