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Satellite and cable TV. Program channel TV1000. Digital television radio channels. Digi-TV, digital television, a television program.
- Peterburi tee 81, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6737258, e-mail:
Telecommunication services, cable television, Internet, IP-phone, digital TV.
- Õismäe tee 57A, 13515 Tallinn, tel: 6571101, e-mail:
Manufacture of concrete products and metal products and structures of any complexity. Concrete elements frame housing construction (piles, columns, beams, wall panels, floor slabs, etc.). Energy concrete (foundations electric power pylons, cable shafts, masts lines, concrete substation)
- Kulgu 20, 20104 Narva, tel: 3591872, e-mail:
Copiers, printers, laptops, projectors.
- Tondi 17b, 11316 Tallinn, tel: 6999133, e-mail:
A-Communication Marketing
Here you can buy a building wires, control cable, control, installation, connection and power cable, communication cable, copper enameled wire, and much more, are relevant to the electrical field. Selling cable from warehouses in Tallinn, also can be delivered to the buyer.
- Tuha 3, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6381611, e-mail:
IPA - Labour-intensive assembly of electrical connectors, filters, cable and harness assemblies.
- Läike tee 5, 75312 Peetri, tel: 6593390 6593393, e-mail:
Distribution networks, local telephone networks, optical cable projection.
- Mäepealse 14-5, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6393099 5512337, e-mail:
- Tööstuse 48A-400, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 55525255, e-mail:
Projects Planning, Architecture, structural design, heating, water and sanitary engineering, electrical supply design, construction supervision and consultancy for the building industry.
- Rüütli 37, 80010 Pärnu, tel: 4459570 5200013, e-mail:
Sanitary engineering works, heat insulation works, installation of heating devices, construction of boiler houses. Construction services. Diamond drilling.
- Reinu tee 31c, 71020 Viljandi, tel: 4336481 5022375, e-mail:
Imatron OÜ is an Estonian capital based company which specializes in selling, installing and maintaining freeze-, ventilation- and heating equipment.
- Tammsaare tee 134B, 12915 Tallinn, tel: 6064350 6064352, e-mail:
Heating systems. Sales, Service, Installation
- Eha 1, 61506 Elva, tel: 53323776, e-mail:
IVT Industrier AB official provider in Estonia. Heat pump systems, heating systems.
- Kadaka tee 72A/226, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6825196, e-mail:
District heating company of Kuressaare.
- Kalevi 1a, 93815 Kuressaare, tel: 4531270, e-mail:
Tallinn's Heating.
- Punane 36, 13619 Tallinn, tel: 6107100, e-mail:
Importing of pipes, PPR pipes, PEX pipes, aluminium radiators, inside and outside piping systems.
Providing of central heating in Saku area, communal services; Saku manor; construction and repair services, etc.
- Juubelitammede tee 6, 75501 Saku vald, tel: 6729180, e-mail:
Construction of heating system, sewerage
- Vasara 50, 50113 Tartu, tel: 5280801, e-mail:
Gas supply. Gas heating, installation and maintenance.
- Rästa põik 14, 13425 Tallinn, tel: 6552479 5264983, e-mail:
The hyperfine energy-saving cover Thermo-Shield high-tech energy-saving coating in the form of paint with a high content evacuated ceramic microspheres. ThermoShield alternative to foam and mineral wool insulation for the facades. The dramatic decline in the cost of heating and cooling buildings.
- Kadaka tee 48, 12915 Tallinn
Plumbing and heating equipment. Water heaters, heaters, boilers and pipes.
- Laki 11e, 12915 Tallinn, tel: 6563346 6563349, e-mail:
The calculation of the cost of heating and water. Measurements of heating, heating costs, water. Measuring instruments for measuring heat and water. System of calculation of heat consumption and energy saving opportunities
- Veerenni 49/1, 10138 Tallinn, tel: 6614091, e-mail:
Wholesale fuel, an importer of liquid fuels. Diesel fuel, heating oil, diesel, ship's fuel oil, oil shale, shale oil, asphalt / bitumen, technical salt.
- Tõnismägi 7, 10119 Tallinn, tel: 6463143 6463144, e-mail:
Heating equipment. Sell.
KTS BALTIC OÜ - Ehitajate tee 110A, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6547150 5269522, e-mail:
Boiler, water main, fuel pipelines, heating systems.
RST VALGA OÜ - Kuperjanovi 101e, 68207 Valga, tel: 7661260 5072412, e-mail:
Projecting, design, installation, documentation, maintenance of gas heating systems. Construction of internal and external gas networks. Gas heating system.
- Kaera 8, 10318 Tallinn, tel: 6721092 5226017, e-mail:
Trade in refrigerators and air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, home air conditioners, air curtains, Electroheaters for round and rectangular ducts and stationary heating fan heaters, vozduhosushiteli, refrigerators and display cases, etc
Automation cistem heating, ventilation, water supply and other technical systems of buildings. Automation technical systems of buildings, designing automated equipment.
- Pärnu mnt 160B, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 6508000, e-mail:
Construction and reconstruction of boilers and heating systems. Delivery of equipment for the boiler. Development and implementation of new technologies in power. Disposal of hazardous waste.
- Tehase 9, 30328 Kohtla-Järve, tel: 3343303, e-mail:
Project Office, project work, designers. Design of heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage and gas supply.
TADIAS OÜ - Rahu 14-1, 20604 Narva, tel: 3571102, e-mail: