IZZI Otsing
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We produce corrugated packaging food products, cartons, tri-colored paper bags.
CISTA AS - Ihamaru, 63501 Kõlleste vald, tel: 7999280, e-mail:
PRIMASTELLA OÜ - Katusepapi 20/Pallasti 1, 11412 Tallinn, tel: 6380680, e-mail:
Erinevate saloestusformaatide hulgiladu, meediatoodete müük. CD, DVD, video- ja audiokassetide müük. VHS kassetid, karbid, pakkimistarvikud, paljundusaparaadid.
NTCV AS - Pringi, 74001 Viimsi vald, tel: 6012622, e-mail:
Plastic products, cartons.
PLASTIKTOOS OÜ - Mäe plats 24, Käina alevik, 92101 Käina vald, tel: 4636470 5084079, e-mail:
E.STRAUSS AS - Ülejõe 10, Avinurme, 42101 , tel: 5287983, e-mail:
Templid, pitsatid, visiitkaardid, blanketed, pisitrükised, märgid, ordenid, lindid, karbid.
MINIPLAST OÜ - Türi 6, 11313 Tallinn, tel: 6612300, e-mail:
Nahast suveniirid. Tootmine, müük.
EESTI KVALITEETSUVENIIR OÜ - Videviku 30, 10139 Tallinn, tel: 6482299 5082830, e-mail:
Teaching and courses - art, leatherwork and handicrafts.
Silver Jewelry and other materials, acrylic paintings, watercolors, felted products, service work
We specialize in the manufacture of varnished and lithographed tin-plates, stamped cans, printed lids etc.
PRINTTARE AS - Reinu tee 9, Pringi, 74011 Viimsi vald, tel: 6090149, e-mail:
Videos from events and corporate happenings, video duplication, DVD mastering, NTSC PAL SECAM transcoding, DVD and VHS case design.
MOMENTOR OÜ - Akadeemia tee 21F, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6703700, e-mail:
Archiving services.
ARHIIVIKORRASTAJA OÜ - Gonsiori 21-501, 10147 Tallinn, tel: 6419221 5031760, e-mail:
Packaging materials, fixtures to secure cargo. Packaging, boxes, disposable tableware, plastic bags, film.
KULUKAUBANDUS OÜ - Kalda 7, 11625 Tallinn, tel: 5040648 7301106, e-mail:
Packaging materials, fixtures to secure cargo. Packaging, boxes, disposable tableware, plastic bags, film.
PACK HOLDING OÜ - Peterburi tee 49, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6056830 6056831, e-mail:
Design and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes and channel letters, banners, business cards, corporate identity, logos, posters.
ADVERTO WORKS OÜ - Nafta 6-11, 10152 Tallinn, tel: 55555004, e-mail:
Coin Boxes Souvenirs
MINIX OÜ - Veskitammi 1, 76401 Saue vald, tel: 56476263, e-mail:
Manufacture of paper, promotional and gift paper bags with handles.
TEGOPAK OÜ - Võru mnt 10, 64505 Räpina, tel: 56256290 7979218, e-mail:
Tegopak OÜ
Shock proof packaging solutions, from corrugated cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, bubble wrap, packing plywood.
EMBALLAGE TECHNOLOGIES TALLINN OÜ - Kurna tee 15, 75401 Kiili, tel: 6747360, e-mail:
Accessories for presentations, advertising canvases, exhibition stands, light boxes, banner stands
SUUNAINFO OÜ - Laki 26, 12915 Tallinn, tel: 6830785 5073175, e-mail:
Sales of warehouse equipment and technology. Storage shelves, storage equipment, metal furniture, storage cabinets and archival boxes, stackers, scissor lifts, loading ramps, boxes and cabinets for working tools, carts, auxiliary tables.
LAOEKSPERT OÜ - Mustamäe tee 18a, 10617 Tallinn, tel: 6722382, e-mail:
Advertising services, the creation of various advertising and design. Neon signs, illuminated signs, advertising structures, light boxes, display cases, stands, printing, engraving, calligraphy
MINT TRADING OÜ - Looga 8a, 71008 Viljandi, tel: 4351492, e-mail:
DEVORAN OÜ - Raua 49-8, 10152 Tallinn, tel: 55533993, e-mail: