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EESTI PÕLLUMAJANDUSMUUSEUM - Pargi 4, Ülenurme alevik, 61714 Ülenurme vald, tel: 7383810, e-mail:
Estonian Agricultural Registers Board. Narva mnt 3, 51009 Tartu
PÕLLUMAJANDUSE REGISTRITE JA INFORMATSIOONI AMET - Narva mnt 3, Tartu linn, 51009 , tel: 7371214, e-mail:
Garden tools, plant protection chemicals, pest-control, irrigation products distribution
LEVEERA AGRO OÜ - Keskuse 6-83, 12912 Tallinn, tel: 6263331
We are interested in purchasing forest and agricultural land all over Estonia while enhancing the value of the acquired property and managing the lands in a sustainable manner in accordance with the best practice.
VALGA PUU OÜ - Hummuli, 68610 Valgamaa, tel: 7670370, e-mail:
Valga Puu OÜ
Natural Family - the best choice for natural products dealer in Estonia. Delivery times of rapid e-shop. Eco-products, lhuhooldustooted, Hock Elina, and other household chemicals.
LOODUSPERE OÜ - Regati pst 1, 11911 Tallinn, tel: 6396881, e-mail:
Car chemicals, BAUER watertreatment system; professional car wash detergents; oils, filters; parquets; season goods; abrasive products.
BALTOIL AS - 62102 Männi 1 Roiu Haaslava vald, tel: 7301700, e-mail:
We deal with the German chemical company 'Flore-Chemie GmbH, cleaning and maintenance chemicals, chemical products technical sales since 1997. We reserve the exclusive right to sell the company's products in the Baltics.
FLORE KEEMIA OÜ - Puuri tee 1, 63308 Põlva, tel: 7998894, e-mail:
Batteries, chargers and starters, automotive chemicals, auto filter.
ALDINET AS - Vee 5-10, 68207 Valga, tel: 7643728 5115667, e-mail:
Accommodation in Southern Estonia; ecological agricultural manufacturing.
MESIPUU TALU - Jõgehara küla, Kanepi vald, tel: 7979031 5094938, e-mail:
The scientific institution for plant breeding and seed production of agricultural crops.
JÕGEVA SORDIARETUSE INSTITUUT - J.Aamisepa 1, 48309 Jõgeva, tel: 7766901, e-mail:
Agricultural machinery - selling, service, spare parts, training.
A.TAMMEL AS - Turu 7, 48303 Jõgeva, tel: 7768030 7768040, e-mail:
Water and sewer system construction, and agricultural and forest land drainage.
VALMAP GRUPP AS - Linna küla, 68619 Helme vald, tel: 7666370 7666372, e-mail:
Purchase of forests and agricultural areas.
FOREST STOCK OÜ - Jüri 24, 65608 Võru, tel: 7820020, e-mail:
Agricultural message board.
Farmi Konsultatsioonid OÜ - Linnu 33, 50416 Tartu
Agricultural machinery and spare parts.
AGROMA TRADING OÜ - Järve 6, 68606 Tõrva, tel: 56910228, e-mail:
Motip, Valma, Preston, Excalibur, StacPlasticSpray automotive chemicals, car care, car repair paints
GERD ITC OÜ - Kastani 46, 50410 Tartu, tel: 7333585, e-mail:
Paints and other automotive chemicals.
CARNETO OÜ - Sepa 19, 50113 Tartu, tel: 5296501, e-mail:
Estonia Agricultural University.
TORNI HOSTEL OÜ - Kreutzwaldi 52, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7313261, e-mail:
Chemicals and labware. Scientific equipment. On-line trading.
NAXO OÜ - Riia 181a, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7428001, e-mail:
Sale and maintenance of chemicals, glassware and laboratory equipment.
EST-DOMA OÜ - Võru 165-5, 50115 Tartu, tel: 7362716 7371450, e-mail:
Agricultural producers, products, feeds, feed supplements, grain
OLDER GRUPP OÜ - Üksnurme tee 8, Saku, 75501 Saku vald, tel: 6041730 5131066, e-mail:
Automotive chemicals, personal hygiene, agriculture, care of the floor.
ESTKO AS - Kullerkupu 2, 75403 Kangru, tel: 6790300 6790310, e-mail:
Agricultural producers, products.
Industrial Chemicals.
The main field of activity: manufacturing and selling of polypropylene FIBC containers („Big Bags“) with carrying capacity 50 kg to 1500 kg, intended for storage and transportation of bulk solids (fertilizers, chemicals, grain, mixed fodder, building materials etc).
Information on various building and finishing materials, special equipment and chemicals.
The Võro Institute is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Võro language and culture, which are tightly connected with its historic center, the rural and mostly agricultural south-eastern Estonian county of Võromaa.
Autocentre, diagnostics, maintenance, repair of motor vehicles of various brands, sale of spare parts, accessories, lubricants and car chemicals. In selling a wide range of diagnostic equipment for petrol and diesel engines.
Car parts