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Reseller of laboratory chemicals and equipment.
- Kadaka pst 145, 11625 Tallinn, tel: 6718871, e-mail:
Sale and maintenance of chemicals, glassware and laboratory equipment.
- Võru 165-5, 50115 Tartu, tel: 7362716 7371450, e-mail:
Internet-shop of health, beauty products and household chemicals. Beauty products, cosmetics, perfumes.
- Punane 56, 12619 Tallinn, tel: 6327189, e-mail:
Estonia Agricultural University.
- Kreutzwaldi 52, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7313261, e-mail:
Batteries, chargers and starters, automotive chemicals, auto filter.
- Vee 5-10, 68207 Valga, tel: 7643728 5115667, e-mail:
Information on various building and finishing materials, special equipment and chemicals.
- R.Tobiase 8, 10147 Tallinn, tel: 6305299, e-mail:
Agricultural machinery.
- Laukna, 78101 Märjamaa vald, tel: 56911797, e-mail:
Runso Masinakaubandus OÜ is based on Estonian capital, our main occupations are new or secondhand construction and agricultural machinery. Spare parts, maintance and service.
- Tähe 135B, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7456797 56939490, e-mail:
Agricultural production for export in the Nordic countries for technical purposes.
- Mustamäe tee 55, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6776771, e-mail:
Filters and equipment, reagents and chemicals.
- Akadeemia tee 15, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6204350, e-mail:
The main field of activity: manufacturing and selling of polypropylene FIBC containers („Big Bags“) with carrying capacity 50 kg to 1500 kg, intended for storage and transportation of bulk solids (fertilizers, chemicals, grain, mixed fodder, building materials etc).
Carrying out the work of modern building next to the old solutions, and proven construction techniques, and natural and environmental friendly materials such as flax and tärpentiinõlid, tar, beeswax, lime mortar, natural colors, stone and agricultural limestone.
- Kassi 10, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6501840 6501842, e-mail:
Paints and other automotive chemicals.
- Sepa 19, 50113 Tartu, tel: 5296501, e-mail:
The main product groups are: hand tools, workshop equipment, car accessory, tuning products, alloy wheels, oil and automotive chemicals, motor cycle helmets and equipment, batteries, cars, trucks, buses, trailers and spare parts.
- Betooni 4a, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6201464 6201466, e-mail:
Industrial Chemicals.
Agricultural producers, products.
Oils, automotive chemicals.
- Kadaka pst 165A, 11625 Tallinn, tel: 6711611, e-mail:
Automotive chemicals, personal hygiene, agriculture, care of the floor.
- Kullerkupu 2, 75403 Kangru, tel: 6790300 6790310, e-mail:
Oarlocks for row boat.
TELGER OÜ - Juhtme 10, 10112 Tallinn, tel: 6006326, e-mail:
Agricultural equipment sales, snowblowers, farm equipment sales.
TECHNOLAND OÜ - Haljala tee 5, Tõrremäe, 44415 Sõmeru vald, tel: 6531833 53309451, e-mail:
Equipment, agricultural machinery, spare parts for cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and scooters.
- Ülensi, 69701 Tarvastu vald, tel: 4333364 5237465 4351572, e-mail:
- Pargi 4, Ülenurme alevik, 61714 Ülenurme vald, tel: 7383810, e-mail:
Certified seeds: production and sales. Agricultural contractors.
AVISPEAMEES OÜ - 46208 Avispea Väike-Maarja vald, tel: 56606357 3235437, e-mail:
Purchase of forests and agricultural areas.
- Jüri 24, 65608 Võru, tel: 7820020, e-mail:
Tallinn Industrial Chemicals
- Järvevana tee 9f, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6580000, e-mail:
Agricultural machinery and spare parts.
- Järve 6, 68606 Tõrva, tel: 56910228, e-mail:
We are interested in purchasing forest and agricultural land all over Estonia while enhancing the value of the acquired property and managing the lands in a sustainable manner in accordance with the best practice.
VALGA PUU OÜ - Hummuli, 68610 Valgamaa, tel: 7670370, e-mail:
Valga Puu OÜ