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Electrical work: replacement and installation of outlets and switches, switchboards connection, connection and installation of any lighting devices.
ELARS OÜ - E.Vilde tee 137-42, 12613 Tallinn, tel: 58270740, e-mail:
Repair of apartments and houses all over Estonia.
LEAD GEAR OÜ - Veski 5, 40231 Sillamäe, tel: 3925098, e-mail:
AGMA KAUBAD OÜ - Tallinna mnt 11, 80036 Pärnu, tel: 4457577, e-mail:
ZABIBOK - a dynamic company of professionals for installing suspended ceilings.
SUPERATOR OÜ - Peterburi tee 2C, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6061781, 53333789, e-mail:
Our services: Adjusting doors and windows, Repair and replacement of furniture, Insulated glazing replacement, etc.
Professional water treatment systems. Filtered water. Household water filters, personal water purification systems, industrial water purification systems, vacuum cleaners.
ECO-MOS OÜ - Peterburi tee 44, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6076874 56639532, e-mail:
Installation of car alarms, stereo, cruise control, and other electrical work. Stereos: Alpine, Blaupunkt, Becker. Car alarm brand Cobra.
Car parts
Gas sales, installation of boilers, gas work. Installation and assembly of heating and ventilation systems. Pärnu.
Nonius SV OÜ - Savi 3, 80010 Pärnu, tel: 4452 933, e-mail:
Nonius SV
Installation of curbs, terrace construction, road construction, construction and installation of fences.
KUNINGAKIVI OÜ - Mustamäe tee 78-60, 12916 Tallinn, tel: 53479679, e-mail:
Repair and installation of locks, door locks, lock systems.
Lukuabi Grupp OÜ - Madara 31, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 6101276 5161161, e-mail:
Facade work.
Griswald Ehitus OÜ - Vae tn 2, Laagri, 76401, Harjumaa, tel: 5120909, 5022732, e-mail:
Design, production, sales and installation of furniture.
INEST MARKET AS - Saka, 30103 Kohtla vald, tel: 3328211, e-mail:
Selling and installation of vehicle windshields.
LIMITEX AS - 51010 Räni küla Ülenurme vald, tel: 7351326 5073524, e-mail:
Trade glued materials from solid hardwood and softwood; Manufacture of wooden parts for staircases : treads, handrails, posts, spindles, strings, etc; Manufacture of staircases and ballusters; Manufacture of wooden furniture and decor (wall and ceiling panels, arches, etc.); Manufacture and installation of internal and external doors; Manufacture and installation of wooden floors and terraces
STRAGENDO OÜ - Suur-Sõjamäe põik 9, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6210935, 56258245, e-mail:
Production and installation of metal doors, metal structures, forged railings, fireplaces, window gratings and door bars, powder coating of metal structures
BRAVE COMPANY OÜ - Maleva põik 3, 11711 Tallinn, tel: 6567107 5093404, e-mail:
Fences, gates, barriers.
AIAPARTNER OÜ - Vaksali 11-62, 50410 Tartu, tel: 5011619 56456388, e-mail:
Car alarm, audio, video tehnics installation.
AKSERON OÜ - Nafta 1/Petrooleumi 6, 10152 Tallinn, tel: 6623888 5088100 5055075, e-mail:
Sale and installation of Junkers gas equipment.
GASPRE OÜ - Salme 51, 10413 Tallinn, tel: 6711100, e-mail:
Raidkivi Ltd. Installation, design and selling of fireplaces; processing and selling of natural stone.
RAIDKIVI OÜ - Pärnu mnt 139E/2, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 6776975, e-mail:
The company's main activities include the renovation of facades and insulation of various materials, stairwell repairs, roofing repairs and insulation, renovation of balconies, betoonraketuse preparation and renovation, general construction, finishing, painting and repairs, and proekteerimine owner supervision.
NEORANT OÜ - Karjääri 13-1, 74116 Maardu, tel: 56496286 6004471, e-mail:
Metalwork, welding.
KUNREX OÜ - Selja tee 17, 44105 Kunda, tel: 3260740, e-mail:
Car security, alarms, alarms car installation, alarm service.
MANGUST GRUPP OÜ - Koorti 12-26, 13623 Tallinn
Windows washing with the help of lifting equipment, roof cleaning, installation of protective pedestrian passageways, insulation and cladding of the facade, concrete balconies repair.
ALBON GROUP OÜ - Vikerlase 26-16, 13615 Tallinn, tel: 53421295, e-mail:
Repair and installation of flooring.
AA-CENTER OÜ - Rahumäe tee 6b-2, 13416 Tallinn, tel: 5183202 5133563, e-mail:
Metalworks company.
AXIS STUDIO OÜ - Paldiski mnt 21, 76607 Keila, tel: 6747519, e-mail: