IZZI Otsing
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Electrical work: replacement and installation of outlets and switches, switchboards connection, connection and installation of any lighting devices.
ELARS OÜ - E.Vilde tee 137-42, 12613 Tallinn, tel: 58270740, e-mail:
Wholesale and retail of lighting devices and lamps, consulting, etc.
- Rävala pst 7, 10143 Tallinn, tel: 6676670, e-mail:
- Tallinna mnt 11, 80036 Pärnu, tel: 4457577, e-mail:
- Veski 5, 40231 Sillamäe, tel: 3925098, e-mail:
Mantazh and installation of electrical appliances.
- Mammaste, 63309 Põlva vald, tel: 7993012, e-mail:
Air conditioners, heat pumps, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, ventilation equipment, automatic control system.
Greenspirit OÜ - Juhtme 27-18, 75312 Peetri, e-mail:
Repair and maintenance of all car brands, installation of gas appliances, Tiki-trailers Trailer Sales.
- Pärnu mnt.18a, 71012 Viljandi, tel: 4377001, e-mail:
ZABIBOK - a dynamic company of professionals for installing suspended ceilings.
SUPERATOR OÜ - Peterburi tee 2C, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6061781, 53333789, e-mail:
Selling of measuring devices and equipment, metalworking tools and accessories.
- Vääna 7-2, 11612 Tallinn, tel: 5016725, e-mail:
Miecys-Pharm Company Ltd. is engaged in OTC medicines and pharmaceutical goods (medical devices, sutures, diagnostic tools: the pregnancy and ovulatsioonitestid, nutritional supplements, beauty products), marketing and distribution;.
- Vitamiini 4, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7380676, e-mail:
The company "Ship OÜ" specializes in supplying instrumentation and automation.
TERG E&M specialises in the warehouse and industrial premises design and construction, аnd in the solutions in manufacture of the non-standard metal work and lines. We have been acting effectively in the local market from the year of 1994; the enterprise was founded on the basis of the Estonian capital, all team members are citizens of the Estonian Republic.
- Aiandi tee 21, 74001 Viimsi, tel: 6008974, e-mail:
Terg E & M OÜ
Sales of equipment for building and industrial automation and instrumentation.
- Madara 33, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 6664214 5052957, e-mail:
Design and manufacture of power converter technology, development and manufacturing of power semiconductor devices.
- Kuuli 6, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6228300, e-mail:
Electromagnetic flow meters, flow stations and heat meters. A wide range of instruments, equipment for measuring and recording heat flow of fluids and fluid parameters, monitoring and evaluation parameters of thermal systems, verification and calibration of flow measurement.
- Lastekodu 48, 10144 Tallinn, tel: 6014128, e-mail:
Wholesale and rent of table-wares.
- Kadaka tee 72A, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6348980, e-mail:
Rental of cutlery and banquet tables.
- Vasara 50A, 50113 Tartu
Our services: Adjusting doors and windows, Repair and replacement of furniture, Insulated glazing replacement, etc.
Electrician, electrical work, electrical work. Installation, testing and maintenance of electrical installations
- Madala 11-24, 10315 Tallinn, tel: 5240078, e-mail:
Wiring, electrical works. Check the status of electrical installations.
Sale, installation of various systems of pipes with insulation. Izolirivonny piping for heating and plumbing installation. Conducting heat and lines for water, installation and plumbing.
- Vana-Jõgeva küla, 48331 Jõgeva vald, tel: 5211954, e-mail:
LAN deployment and management.
- Riia 15b, 51010 Tartu, tel: 53308886, e-mail:
Sale, installation and service of telephone and data communication solutions (telephone sets, analogue telephone systems, ISDN telephone sets and systems, ISDN fixed GSM terminal, ISDN routers, LAN solutions).
- Lai 9, 10133 Tallinn, tel: 6277000, e-mail:
Wholesale and retail of textiles, curtains, buttons, fabrics, etc. Sewing.
- Mahtra 72-173, 13812 Tallinn, tel: 5652891, e-mail:
Autogas statoion and equipment sale and placement.
- Betooni 3, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6380233
Installation, repair and service of the industrial equipment
- Pallasti 40-10, 11413 Tallinn