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Courses and seminars for accountants. Computer courses.
EV ÄRIKESKUS OÜ - Kivimurru 7, 11411 Tallinn, tel: 6210360, e-mail:
School for adults.
VILJANDI TÄISKASVANUTE GÜMNAASIUM - Männimäe tee 26, Viljandi linn, 71009 , tel: 4351089, e-mail:
Sales, repairs, decoding and Russification of all mobile phones, computers, PDAs, laptops, mp3, mp4, MP5 players, and other office equipment. Ha order any phones, batteries, cables, chargers for camcorders, cameras, laptops and so on. Narva
MÄRKI TABAMA OÜ - Joala 9, 20103 Narva, tel: 3560474, e-mail:
Sale of car parts.Võru mnt 242 ,Tartu
SALOME TARTU AS - Võru 242, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7302852, e-mail:
Educational online portal, educational virtual environment. A new approach to teaching, all teaching materials in Estonian and Russian languages, a lot of useful information, online projects, interactive exercises, competitions, quizzes, and competitions for students of different classes.
MIKSIKE OÜ - Pikk 19-49, 51009 Tartu, tel: 7422550, e-mail:
Educational publishing and online support for regular schools in russian.
MIKSIKE OÜ - Pikk 19-49, 51009 Tartu, tel: 7422550, e-mail:
Educational publishing and online support for regular schools.
MIKSIKE OÜ - Pikk 19-49, 51009 Tartu, tel: 7422550, e-mail:
instruments for measuring the transparency of the car windows, as well as such high-tech tools like scanning probe microscopy.
MAICO METRICS OÜ - Jaama 123, 50605 Tartu, tel: 5107238, e-mail:
Laurenson OÜ is a consultancy that deals with the accounting and financial consultation services to our clients to address their core business.
LAURENSON OÜ - Kauri tee 11-2, 76403 Alliku küla Saue vald, tel: 6839328 56457385, e-mail:
Selling of materials for electronic industry.
INTERFLUX EESTI OÜ - Tervise 35, 76607 Keila, tel: 6576747, e-mail:
Medical aid, treatment, consultation.
JÄRVEOTSA PEREARSTIKESKUS OÜ - Ehitajate tee 137-309, 13517 Tallinn, tel: 6747240 53300063, e-mail:
Sandblasting work, metal work, paint work.
STARMAST OÜ - Palamuse, 49202 Palamuse vald, tel: 5077592, e-mail:
Gas equipment for cars. Service tire store and car repair.
AUTOGAAS SERVIS OÜ - Vabaduse 13-21, 20307 Narva, tel: 55975748
Television systems and security systems for independentб planning, monitoring, consultation.
TELEALARM OÜ - Udu 7, Laagri alevik, 76401 Saue vald, tel: 6819850 5018069, e-mail:
Everything for your garden.
KODUSAADE OÜ - Laabi küla, Tanni tee 26-1, 76902 Harku vald
Retail and wholesale of spare parts for heavy goods vehicles and trailers.
E.T.V.A. VARUOSAD OÜ - Riia 136b, 51014 Tartu, tel: 7377840 7302050, e-mail:
Manufacture of metal furniture carcasses, shop stand, home and office clothes hangers.
FAETON AS - Tähe 131a, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7303030, e-mail:
Accountancy services.
PRONKSI RAAMATUPIDAMISBÜROO OÜ - Pronksi 5-3, 10124 Tallinn, tel: 6410108, e-mail:
General and finishing construction materials, tools and goods for home and garden.
EHITUS SERVICE OÜ - Peterburi tee 64, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6061403 6061444, e-mail:
Lastekaubade müük. Loodustooted lastele, lasteriided.
AARENSEN OÜ - Pidu 14a, 11611 Tallinn, tel: 6044407, e-mail:
Manufacturing of fiberglass tanks, wells for various wastewater treatment systems, storage tanks, pumping stations, wells. Oil and gasoline separators, grease separators, sand and dirt separators
VESMACO OÜ - Tööstuse 46, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 6120667 5100061, e-mail:
Development of software for consumer businesses.
HANSASOFT OÜ - Koidu 3, 44314 Rakvere, tel: 5524995, e-mail:
Movies, music, games, computer, cosmetics, perfume
JOOST-LEVEL OÜ - Tõusu 2, 44307 Rakvere, tel: 3227369 5034143, e-mail:
Products for load handling.
EXAN AS - Võru 165-3, 50115 Tartu, tel: 7476213 5147806 5135383, e-mail:
PlanetSport is a chain of sport clubs offering the best service and high quality training program.
TERVISESPORDI KESKUS OÜ - Tulika põik 3, 10612 Tallinn, tel: 6610547, e-mail:
Tires for all modes of transport.
ABETEKS BALTIC OÜ - Kangru 8, 10312 Tallinn, tel: 6700582 5079340, e-mail:
We offer interactive solutions for educational institutions, businesses and government agencies.
TELDA OÜ - J.Kappeli 11A, 10115 Tallinn, tel: 6622100, e-mail:
Sale and installation of doors for commercial and industrial rooms.
NOONIUS-EKSPERT OÜ - J.Vilmsi 53G, 10147 Tallinn, tel: 6009148, e-mail: LLC Karnaluks shop is a trademark, which was created in 2007 to offer customers more choice and more convenient option to purchase.
KARNALUKS OÜ - K.A.Hermanni 1, 10121 Tallinn, tel: 6013373, e-mail:
Prisma Sikupilli - Hansafood Ltd.
PRISMA PEREMARKET AS - A.H.Tammsaare tee 118D, 12918 Tallinn, tel: 6809600, e-mail: