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Plumbing and pipe work.
SATION OÜ - Ristiku 89-2, 10318 Tallinn, tel: 53731346, e-mail:
Construction of communications, construction of water and sewer lines.
AGIO EHITUS OÜ - Vilde tee 150, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6 703 638, e-mail:
Agio Ehitus
Plumbing, electrical work. Emergency response technical systems 24h
LAVATEIR AS - J.Kunderi 15, 10121 Tallinn, tel: 6376092 5116622, e-mail:
Project Office, project work, designers. Design of heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage and gas supply.
TADIAS OÜ - Rahu 14-1, 20604 Narva, tel: 3571102, e-mail:
The main field of activity of the company is implementation of construction projects as the general contractor and the subcontractor.
HORIZON PROJECT OÜ - Tornimäe 5, 10145 Tallinn, tel: 6 571 711, e-mail:
Horizon Project
Sale of sanitary equipment.
Sales of sanitary equipment. Plumbing, drainage, pipes, fittings, siphons, traps, sinks, washers, hoses, taps, valves, filters. Appliances, floor heating, pipe insulation.
DUNVEN SANITAARTEHNIKA OÜ - Ääsi 2, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6164900, e-mail:
Sale of sanitary equipment.
MENTOR-T AS - 90411 Ehitajate tee 4 Uuemõisa Ridala vald, tel: 4735584 5011457 5012405, e-mail:
Water, hot water and sewerage.
AMAKS AS - Vahe 1, 79601 Alu, Rapla vald, tel: 4892650, e-mail:
Sanitary engineering works, heat insulation works, installation of heating devices, construction of boiler houses. Construction services. Diamond drilling.
SOVEK AS - Reinu tee 31c, 71020 Viljandi, tel: 4336481 5022375, e-mail:
External piping (water, sewage, gas) pipelines within the building and hand tools, power tools, and sales of construction projects.
VAGA TEHNIKA EESTI OÜ - Kadaka tee 76e, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6710300, e-mail:
Heating, ventilation and smoke extraction, cooling, water supply and sewerage.
LTKV PROJEKT OÜ - Kalasadama 4, 10145 Tallinn, tel: 6403995 53442072, e-mail:
Industrial enterprise. General information and contact.
VKG OIL AS - Järveküla tee 14, 30328 Kohtla-Järve, tel: 3342727, e-mail:
Water Supply and Sewage.
WAVIN ESTONIA OÜ - Pärnasalu 29, 76501 Saue, tel: 6506840, e-mail:
Company Sanpro Plus Ltd. is official dealer of international concern Trane in Estonia.
SANPRO PLUS OÜ - Laki 16, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6563151 5266938, e-mail:
Water supply and sewerage, waste management.
EKOEKSPERT OÜ - Luise 4-42, 10142 Tallinn, tel: 6311238 5131448, e-mail:
Estonia has set up a DV SERVIS Ltd 2004th in January. Strand - shopping centers, technical services, which constitutes a sewerage - systems, water supply, electrical systems and equipment for commercial service.
DV SERVIS EESTI OÜ - Peterburi tee 46-104, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 55566791, e-mail:
Excavating and earth moving, gravel, sand, gravel and soil-wheel drive, gravel, sand, gravel and soil sales Viljahillepi career, small-scale road works, water supply and sewerage system construction, land improvement, pond excavation, the existing equipment with operator according to the price list, forest and purchase of forest land, timber, transportation services, timber harvesting Cobraga Ponsse harvester, timber exports
JUPOMAN OÜ - Järve 1, 65603 Võru, tel: 7822604, e-mail:
Water Supply and Sewage.
PAIDE VESI AS - Kaevu 4, 72713 Paide, tel: 3849030, e-mail:
Road Construction and Maintenance, water Supply and Sewage
T-MODEL OÜ - Peterburi tee 2a, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6061717, e-mail:
Sanitation Engineering Surveying
EESTI VEEPROJEKT OÜ - Pikk 12, 51009 Tartu, tel: 7409361, e-mail:
Water Supply and Sewage.
TARTU VEEVÄRK AS - Tähe 118, 51013 Tartu, tel: 7306200, e-mail:
Plumbing, heating, sanitation, construction works.