IZZI Otsing
Real estate and agriculture.
A&P METS AS - Betooni 9, 51014 Tartu, tel: 4342330, e-mail:
Woodworking equipment.
A.M.A SYSTEMS OÜ - Mahtra 10-58, 13811 Tallinn, tel: 5078306
The whole production process of the enterprise is located as following: Koeru tee 17a, Järva-Jaani, Järva County. In autumn 2002, the company moved from the leasehold grounds in Koeru to the current grounds.
ARCTIC FINLAND HOUSE OÜ - Koeru tee 17A, Järva-Jaani alevik, 73301 , tel: 3846360, e-mail:
Construction materials, wood industry and sawmills
LIIMPUIT AS - Lao 5, 63308 Põlva, tel: 7995911, e-mail:
AS Liimpuit
Handmade and planed loghouses.
AAMPALK FIN OÜ - Raja Keskus 11, Tabasalu, 76901 Harku vald, tel: 6027879, e-mail:
AARAIN FURNITURE OÜ - Sihva küla, 67301 Otepää vald, tel: 5204148
Firewood, delivery firewood.
WESTFELD OÜ - Vändra alev, 87701 , tel: 58130835 5048211, e-mail:
Aiko Mark is providing it\\\'s customers with solutions on saw milling, timber drying and woodworking, from single machines to turn key projects.
AIKO MARK OÜ - Männiku tee 101, 11215 Tallinn, tel: 6517172, e-mail:
Manufacturing and selling of Siberian larch, terrace, siding and flooring boards, wood.
AKORDIA PUIT OÜ - Taara 14A, 11613 Tallinn, tel: 6707146 5153082, e-mail:
Things out of wood.
ALFRINA OÜ - Võidu põik 1, Avinurme, 42101 , tel: 5053761, e-mail:
ANAR TRADE OÜ - Selja küla, 86817 Tori vald, tel: 5028433, e-mail:
Metsatööd, metsamajandamine, kinnistute ja kasvava metsa ost
ANT Metsahalduse OÜ - Mõisavahe 29-12, 50707 Tartu, tel: 5055752, e-mail:
Manufacturing of transportation boxes and other wooden products.
ARMINEX OÜ - Aasa 16, Saku alevik, 75501 Saku vald, e-mail:
ARSON INVESTEERINGUD OÜ - Köhleri 9A, 71013 Viljandi, tel: 5035493, e-mail:
Timber processing. Windows, doors, timberhouses, planematerials, staircases, glued timber, etc.
An organisation for foresters sharing common values and interests.
Balmec Forest OÜ is a producer of spare parts and accessories for forestry machines. The company is located in Estonia and is based on private capital. Balmec Forest OÜ was established with the aim to develop and produce feed rollers for all of the most common types of harvester heads in the world. In 2015, we produced over 1500 feed rollers for our customers all over the world. To ensure our quality, we are only producer giving 2-years warranty on all our feed rollers without any working hour limitations. Simple!
BALMEC FOREST OÜ - Tööstuse tn 12, 87501 Tootsi alev, tel: 5185647, e-mail:
Production of birch veneer.
BALTI SPOON OÜ - 74610 Kupu, tel: 6712450, e-mail:
Timber trade database. Round wood, sawn timber, planed timber, timber products.
MARKET INFORM OÜ - Alevi 30-4, 50107 , tel: 5551 9767, e-mail:
Baltic Wood Exchange
Wooden doors, windows, shutters and their frames, lumber production.
BARRUS AS - Verijärve, 65512 Võru vald, tel: 7850700, e-mail:
Manufacture and sale of sawdust briquettes.
BRIKETIPOISID OÜ - Võsa 15C-9, 75301 Jüri, tel: 5286293, e-mail:
Forest, reforestation, silviculture, forest protection, forest monitoring, forest seed, tree breeding.
Selling of timber, lumber, plywood, planed material.
DALES PRODUCTION OÜ - Paljassaare põik 13, 10313 Tallinn, tel: 639 5516, e-mail:
DAMMIX AS - Valga 2, 68606 Tõrva, tel: 7679355, e-mail:
Sawn timber, glued wooden plates, timber products, furniture components, wooden panels, kiln-dried timber, profiled and drilled panels, etc.
DAN-EST TIMBER AS - Pargi 1c, 71020 Viljandi, tel: 4349176, e-mail:
Dold Puidutoostus - the leading specialist for wood panels.
DOLD PUIDUTÖÖSTUS AS - Riia mnt 56, 71009 Viljandi, tel: 4352500, e-mail:
Punutised, aiad, õmblustooted.
E-DISAIN OÜ - Tallinna mnt 61, 80034 Pärnu, tel: 4425784 5644633, e-mail:
Wood and Metal-feed machines
EMG EST OÜ - Haapsalu mnt.11, 80030 Pärnu, tel: 4420620, e-mail:
Estonian forest broker
EESTI METSAMAAKLER OÜ - Sojamaa küla, 60503 Tartu vald, tel: 7304081 5072883, e-mail:
Quality wooden furniture, doors, windows, stairs, plumbing preparation and sale of lumber.
EBEN PUIT OÜ - Pikk 21, 65604 Võru
Sale of natural oils and wood products.
ECO OIL HALDUS OÜ - 63419 Valgjärve küla Valgjärve vald, tel: 7975474, e-mail:
Purchase of raw materials.
ECOBIRCH AS - Niidu 11, 80010 Pärnu, tel: 4459480, e-mail:
Estonian forest: politics, ressources, news, contacts etc.
RIIGIMETSA MAJANDAMISE KESKUS (RMK) - Viljandi mnt 18B, 11216 Tallinn, tel: 6767500, e-mail:
Manufacturing of pallet collars.
EDURADA OÜ - Tulbiaia tee, Viimsi, 74001 , tel: 6059531 56682002, e-mail:
Metsanduslike ekspertiiside koostamine.
EESTI ERAMETSAKORRALDUS OÜ - Ropkamõisa 10, 50113 Tartu, tel: 56255194, e-mail:
Forest Society
Eesti Metsaselts - Mustamäe tee 50, 10621 Tallinn
Design, manufacture and installation of steel structures for buildings.
Sale of timber.
ELDUR OÜ - Betooni 6, 80010 Pärnu, tel: 4475140 5033536, e-mail:
Introduction and selling of pressure treated wood.
KESTVUSPUIT AS - Lähtru tee 25, Palivere, 90802 , tel: 4724740, e-mail:
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