IZZI Otsing
Forming, completing, maintenance and development of information systems.
AK SÜSTEEMID OÜ - Veerenni 58a, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6270020 5018126, e-mail:
Processing of accounting data, scan the documents, compose invoices.
WELDERO OÜ - Marja 11, 10613 Tallinn, tel: 56 496 501, e-mail:
Protect your computer.
IT services, service contracts, computer services, networks, IT solutions, network, software, hardware.
L&V INVESTMENT GROUP OÜ - Riia 130, 51014 Tartu, tel: 55962988, e-mail:
Arvutipank OÜ - Kaluri tee 5, 74001 Haabneeme, tel: 507 4222, 609 6166, e-mail:
Astonsoft Ltd., is a software development company, established in 2003. Major markets are in US and EU and amongst clients are Hewlett-Packard, Samsung Electronics, Oki Digital, Alcatel-Lucent, Danfoss A/S and others.
ASTONSOFT OÜ - Laki 9a, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 5108015 51927921, e-mail:
Systems analysis, software project management, business process analysis and modelling, management and supervision of software projects.
BPW CONSULTING OÜ - Lõõtsa 8, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 6181774, e-mail:
Franchisee 1C, 1C, Accounting, 1C Anticrisis: rental of software. IT equipment and software. Construction and maintenance of networks, virus protection, computer repair.
BRAINELLA OÜ - Joala 5-4, 20103 Narva, tel: 3568979, e-mail:
Accounting software 1c.
DATA SERVICE OÜ - Punane 24a, 13629 Tallinn, tel: 6022160 5022910, e-mail:
Data Service
Creation and implementation of software systems and systems integration.
DATEL AS - Endla 4, 10142 Tallinn, tel: 6263000, e-mail:
Tarkvaraarendus, veebilahendused, mobiillahendused, multimeedia.
DEVELOPERS TEAM OÜ - Tööstuse 48-203, 10416 Tallinn, tel: 55670404 6102182, e-mail:
Document management, client relations management (CRM), project management.
CARLSMAN OÜ - Akadeemia tee 21E, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6654253, e-mail:
Selling, maintenance, consultations of business software SAF. Accounting services.
ECCONA-BALTIC OÜ - Kauba 4, 30328 Kohtla-Järve, tel: 3324094, e-mail:
IT solutions for logistics.
EDISOFT BALTIC OÜ - Vee 9, 10151 Tallinn, tel: 5102626 6116750, e-mail:
Engaged in industrial automation, who is able to offer a full-scale solution: design and produce with necessary software.
EKTACO AS - Akadeemia tee 21E, 12618 Tallinn, tel: 6542150, e-mail:
Webpages, Graphical Design, Infosystems, Flash, Software development
ELKEST SOLUTIONS OÜ - Vanemuise põik 5-7, 1613 Tallinn, tel: 55667615, e-mail:
Software development and solutions: databases, servers, internet , web sites, mobile.
FINESTMEDIA OÜ - Laki 14a, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6558043, e-mail:
Microsoft distributor company, training courses and consultancy about information technology.
GT TARKVARA OÜ - Pärnu mnt 141, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6691120, e-mail:
Computer programs, software.
Software for humans. Java / Ruby on Rails
InfoBuild Estonia OÜ - Lõõtsa 8, 11415 Tallinn, tel: 618 1585, e-mail:
Homepages, web-applications, portals. Registration addresses, hosting. Design for information systems, web-pages
2IN OÜ - Pärnu mnt. 130, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 6150162, e-mail:
IT services, support, help; selling of computers; designing of web pages.
ITMEES EESTI OÜ - Mustamäe tee 5, 10616 Tallinn, tel: 682 8880, e-mail:
Menelon Ltd. Anti-virus software for small business, home users and corporative clients.
MENELON OÜ - Asunduse 15, 11416 Tallinn, tel: 6166060, e-mail:
ML computers.
ML NOVATOR OÜ - Kadaka tee 3, 10621 Tallinn, tel: 6504920, e-mail:
E-mail Marketing
Ability to keep records for the use of the car, details of all trips, including the time and route. GPS-device, software, travel journals, travel schedules.
SEMITAR OÜ - Riia 181A, 51014 Tartu, tel: 6621984 5016242, e-mail:
Web-studio, developing information systems, programming
Accounting software online.
SMART ACCOUNTS OÜ - Palgi 7, 76506 Saue, tel: 53446535, e-mail:
Site preparation, web design, e-shopping, search engine marketing (SEO), cent auction-type software, logos, business cards, SMS services, the bank links, intranets.
PixmaSoft OÜ - Estonia pst 5-410A, 10143 Tallinn, tel: 53414838, e-mail:
Business Software
PÄRNU RAAL OÜ - Tui 2, 80021 Pärnu, tel: 4426680 5011545, e-mail:
Software is the Simpl online accounting software. Use it on online, no signup fee, unlimited users, no extra fees and with money-back quarantee.
SIMPLBOOKS OÜ - Sõpruse pst 151, 13417 Tallinn, tel: 5224658, 5108107, e-mail:
Our team has 12 years of experience in business software. We offer services, like consulting, trianing and online support.
Software registration
SOFTKEY OÜ - Asunduse 15-1, 11416 Tallinn, tel: 6166070, e-mail:
Business software SAF.
SYSDEC AS - Pärnu mnt 232, 11314 Tallinn, tel: 6722365 6722366, e-mail:
TVG EESTI OÜ - Tondi 27, 11316 Tallinn, tel: 6518000, e-mail:
Creators of TAAVI business software series.
TAAVI TARKVARAARENDUSE OÜ - Turu plats 5-17, 11611 Tallinn, tel: 6800855, e-mail:
Management services software rent.
VISIOLINE INFRA OÜ - Näpi tee 10, Näpi alevik, 44305 Sõmeru vald, tel: 6870956 5049966, e-mail:
Comprehensive IT-services, software DocsVision, the creation of automated enterprise solutions for managing documents and business processes. Administering workstations.
Unamela OÜ - Vormsi 18-124, 13913 Tallinn
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