IZZI Otsing
Base legal acts in Estonia. Estonian laws in Russian. Translations of legal acts. Legal acts, laws, in Russian.
- Pärnu mnt 139D/1, 11317 Tallinn, tel: 6715119, e-mail:
Preparation and analysis of contracts, applications and other legal documents. We represent clients in courts and administrative agencies.
SalesProff OÜ - Kaabli 3, 10112 Tallinn, tel: 55597942, e-mail:
Estonian Organisation for Copyright Protection.
Estonian Institute of Forensic Medicine.
- Tervise 30, 13419 Tallinn, tel: 6636600, e-mail:
Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia. Rule of law, laws, legal assistance.
- Kohtu 8, 15193 Tallinn, tel: 6938404, e-mail:
The Ministry of Justice
Information about Estonian Prosecutors Office.
- Wismari 7, 15188 Tallinn, tel: 6139400, e-mail:
Estonian Union of the presenters, phonograms, performers, copyrights on music
I-astme kohus Harju Maakonnas
- Tõnismägi 5a, 15191 Tallinn, tel: 6208100, e-mail:
Audit, tax, accounting, training.
- Sõpruse pst 145, 13417 Tallinn, tel: 6867110, e-mail:
Ministry of Justice, Courts Division
- Pärnu mnt 7, 15082 Tallinn, tel: 6282728, e-mail:
Law firm
- Uus 24, 10111 Tallinn, tel: 58500708, e-mail:
Information about National Court of the Republic of Estonia.
- Lossi 17, 50093 Tartu, tel: 7309002, e-mail:
Notarial offices, notaries, notary services
Patent bureau Kaitsepurus is operating in the field of industrial and intellectual property rights (including inventions, trade marks, industrial designs, geographical indications, layout design of integrated circuits) since 1992. The office is located near the city centre of Tallinn, on Mulla Street 4.
- Mulla 4-3, 10611 Tallinn, tel: 6739097 56675197, e-mail:
Patendibüroo Kaitsepurus
The Law Office Progressor Õigusbüroo is a joint project of a lawyers, which seeks to provide legal assistance to individuals and entities on a broad range of issues from criminal, civil and administrative law. Our lawyers find a personal approach to each customer via deep evaluation of theoretical grounds and implementation of the found solutions.
- Endla 4, 10142 Tallinn, tel: 56461237, e-mail:
Department of Prisons of the Ministry of Justice
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