IZZI Otsing
Festival in the Brigid's monastery Pirita, Tallinn
- Toompuiestee 20, 10149 Tallinn, tel: 75016088, e-mail:
School of Buddhism
Estonian Professional Dancers Association.
Estonian National Folklore Council.
- J.Vilmsi 55, 10147 Tallinn
Club folklore. Learning, revival of traditional crafts of the Estonian people. Ethnographic craft, understanding the rituals, customs, superstitions, folk omens, especially popular culture.
Estonian People's Association for folk dance.
Songs and dances.
People's Movement.
Male Choir Lihula.
Kõhutants, idamaised tantsud, tantsu treeningud ja üritused.
Notifier of free events!
Piletita MTÜ - , tel: 56502537, e-mail:
Shendao Center Yoga Shanti. Hatha Yoga in Narva. Wellness, yoga exercises, yoga. Tips for beginners to practice yoga.
This website has been temporarily suspended
Tartu Young Choir webpage
Consultation on astrology, horoscopes, trainings and feng shui.
Life Satsang. Albums of photographs of various authors. The great sages of India. The wisdom of ancient India. Stories, parables, meditations, stories photo paints.
- Kopli 27, 10412 Tallinn, tel: 6603302 6603070
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