IZZI Otsing
Artists in Narva. Society of Artists "Vestervalli"
Center for Creative Development and Recreation "Gagarin" was created to organize the creative, developmental and interesting free time residents of Narva.
Club Ahtme, one of the oldest cultural institutions of the city of Kohtla-Jarve. Creative teams, events, posters
- Mardi 6, Kohtla-Järve linn, 31026 , tel: 23322171, e-mail:
For collecting and introducing cultures of exotic countries.
Centre for Development of national culture and education. Popular culture, arts, education.
- J.Vilmsi 55, 10147 Tallinn, tel: 6009291, e-mail:
Narva Culture House "Rugodiv. Hobby groups. Creative teams. Events, calendar, festivals, competitions and festivals.
- Puskini 8, Narva linn, 20308 , tel: 3572745, e-mail:
Cinema House in Tallinn. Film festivals, film screenings posters, films, exhibitions
International Society for Krishna Consciousness in Estonia. Temple, the spiritual culture, Indian philosophy, the mantra Hare Krishna missionaries.
Mustamäe Cultural Center "Kaja"
- E.Vilde tee 118, 12614 Tallinn, tel: 6457598, e-mail:
Cultural Center Lindakivi.
- J.Koorti 22, 13623 Tallinn, tel: 6321062, e-mail:
Narva House Children's Creativity. Hobby groups, classes, activities.
- Partisani 2, Narva linn, 21007 , tel: 3599571, e-mail:
Salme Culture Centre, performances, events
- Salme 12, 10413 Tallinn, tel: 6416430, e-mail:
The Azerbaijan community of Estonia.
Center for Russian Culture, information, activities, posters, projects, events, publications
- Mere pst 5, 10111 Tallinn, tel: 75026738, e-mail:
Information on the spiritual development and learning. Seminars, workshops, exciting events, cultural events.
North East Centre of Russian Culture. Cultural events, theater, movies, music, visual arts, literature, education, history, religion, contests.
Estonian russian culture.
Vocal studio for children and adults in the city center. Vocal and aesthetic education.
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